Cluster : PEACE

Online Data Plots

Online Data Plots from CSDS:

Cluster CSDSWeb Quicklook Plots

Password Protected : Cluster CSDSWeb Low Energy Electrons and Potential Plots (PEACE Operations Team Only)

Online High Resolution PEACE Data Plots:

Cluster PEACE High Resolution Data System at SwRI 

Password Protected : Cluster PEACE Data at MSSL

Online Browse Data Plots and/or Data from other Cluster Instruments:

"DD Cluster" password protected site for multi-instrument plots on event basis at CESR

CIS 6 hour Summary Spectrograms (count rate only, up to 1 year ago) and Caveats at CESR

CIS 4 hour Summary Spectrograms (uncalibrated) at Berkeley

EDI 3 hour Survey Data and Publically Available Prime Parameter Data for 2001 at UNH

EFW 24 hour Potential and Electric Field SpinFit Survey Plots for 2001 and (with password) 5.15 sec Data  in CEF from IRFU

FGM Publically Available Prime Parameter Data for 2001 at IC

RAPID IES electron 6 or 24 hour Survey Plots at RAL

RAPID 24 hour Survey Plots (ion and electron) at LANL

STAFF 3 hour Survey Data (Dynamic Spectra for 2001) at CETP

WIDEBAND High Resolution Survey Plots (Spectra for all events) at the University of Iowa

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