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Cassini electron spectrometer (CAPS-ELS)

CAPS instrument The Cassini Plasma Spectrometer (CAPS) team is led by Principal Investigator David Young at Southwest Research Institute with contributions from an international team of co-investigators. The CAPS instrument consists of three sensors: an ion mass spectrometer provided by the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and CRPE (France), an ion beam spectrometer produced by LANL and VTT (Finland) and an electron spectrometer (ELS) provided by a European team led by MSSL (lead co-investigator Andrew Coates, project manager Dave Linder). The ELS team includes the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) and the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (NDRE), who fulfill similar roles to those that they have in the Cluster PEACE team.
ELS in calibration chamber The ELS sensor is a hemispherical top-hat electrostatic analyser, modified from the design of the Cluster PEACE experiment, which measures electrons over the energy range 0.8 eV to 27 keV. The field of view is 160 degrees. 

Highlights of early results include measurements during the Earth flyby and observations of space weather effects (CMEs) beyond 4AU. We also detected over 40 bow shock crossings and 4 magnetopause crossings on the flanks of Jupiter's huge magnetosphere.

26th May 2006
Andrew Coates and Hazel McAndrews