TRACE Analysis Guide

Transition Region and Coronal Explorer

Editor: R.D. Bentley
Version 0.99,  5-Dec-1998
Version 1.09, 24-Feb-1999
Version 1.20,  1-Jul-1999
Version 1.23 - Date Below

This Copy Produced: Jan 27, 2001

Prepared at
Mullard Space Science Laboratory
University College London


    1.1  The TRACE Mission
    1.2  TRACE Instrument Data
    1.3  Searching for TRACE Data
    1.4  References
    1.5  Contacts
    1.6  Acknowledgements
TRACE User's Guide
    2.1  The TRACE Catalog and Ephemeris
        2.1.1  Using the TRACE Catalog
        2.1.2  TRACE Ephemeris Information
    2.2  Reading TRACE data
        2.2.1  Using READ_TRACE
        2.2.2  Using TRACE_CAT2DATA
        2.2.3  Selecting a subset of images - (TRACE_SSWHERE)
        2.2.4  Other filters used to select TRACE data
        2.2.5  Reading using ANA Browser Products
    2.3  Displaying TRACE data
        2.3.1  Displaying Images
        2.3.2  Displaying Movies
        2.3.3  Plotting Image Lightcurves
        2.3.4  Plotting Time Series - (UTPLOT)
    2.4  Calibrating TRACE data - (TRACE_PREP)
        2.4.1  Routines used by TRACE_PREP
    2.5  Writing TRACE data
    2.6  Making TRACE Full-disk or Partial-disk Mosaics
    2.7  Comparing TRACE images with other data
        2.7.1  Overlaying Images
        2.7.2  Tracking an image sub-field
        2.7.3  Co-alignment of images
    2.8  Diagnostics with TRACE
        2.8.1  The TRACE EUV Temperature Response
        2.8.2  Calculating Temperature and Emission Measure
        2.8.3  Making C IV Maps
    2.9  Browsing TRACE data with ANA
        2.9.1  Selection of a Dataset
        2.9.2  Displaying an Image
        2.9.3  Extracting a Subset of Images
        2.9.4  Making a Movie
        2.9.5  Saving the Browser Image List
        2.9.6  Saving Individual Browser Images
        2.9.7  Saving ANA Images Cubes
        2.9.8  Importing ANA cubes into IDL
    2.10  Software help
TRACE Instrument Guide
    3.1  The TRACE Observatory
        3.1.1  Instrument Description
        3.1.2  Spacecraft Orbit, Attitude Control and Pointing
    3.2  TRACE Instrument Properties
        3.2.1  CCD Camera
        3.2.2  CCD Detector Properties
        3.2.3  Image Coordinates and Pointing
        3.2.4  Image Exposure and AEC
        3.2.5  Image Timing
        3.2.6  Image Resolution
        3.2.7  Image Quality
    3.3  TRACE Instrument Response
        3.3.1  Sensitivity
        3.3.2  On-orbit characterization of the Flat Field Response
    3.4  TRACE Diagnostic Capabilities
        3.4.1  Temperature
        3.4.2  Emission Measure/Densities
        3.4.3  Observing C IV Lines
        3.4.4  Aeronomy
    3.5  References

Useful TRACE Software
TRACE Instrument Items
    B.1  Amount of Instrument Data per day
    B.2  Missing and Lost Data
    B.3  Searching for TRACE Data
    B.4  The Eclipse Season
Installing SolarSoft
ANA and the ANA Browser
Web and Others Versions of the TAG

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