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Ver 1.06  Ed: M.D. Morrison  6-Nov-92
Ver 2.00  Ed: M.D. Morrison 25-Jan-94
Ver 2.9x  Ed: R.D. Bentley - Date below

This Copy Produced: Mar 31, 1999

Prepared at
Mullard Space Science Laboratory
University College London

Note: This Guide is still under Development!!


Introduction to the Analysis of Yohkoh Data
    1.1  Yohkoh Instruments and Spacecraft
    1.2  Yohkoh Data Files
        1.2.1  Instrument Data Files
        1.2.2  Secondary Database files
        1.2.3  Other Database Files
        1.2.4  Location of Available Files
        1.2.5  What files are needed for Analysis
    1.3  The Analysis Software
        1.3.1  Examining the Catalogue Files
        1.3.2  Extracting Instrument Data
General Yohkoh Software (Getting Started)
    2.1  How to Access the Yohkoh Observing Logs and Event Logs
        2.1.1  Performing Searches Using the Observing Log (XSEARCH_OBS)
        2.1.2  Displaying a Light Curve Set of all Instruments (PLOTY)
        2.1.3  Displaying a Light Curve Set of all Instruments (OBS_PLOT)
        2.1.4  Listing of the SXT Images and Heliocentric Locations
        2.1.5  Light Curves from BCS, WBS and HXT
        2.1.6  Creating a List of Yohkoh Events (PR_EVN)
        2.1.7  Direct Reading of the Observing Log
    2.2  Summary SXT Full-frame image data
        2.2.1  The Monthly SXT FFI files (SFM)
        2.2.2  Browsing the Laser Movie (at ISAS, LPARL or MSU)
    2.3  Accessing the Yohkoh Data
        2.3.1  Interactive Access (YODAT)
        2.3.2  Advanced YODAT Options
        2.3.3  Lowlevel Access Routine (READ_XDA)
        2.3.4  Most Common BCS Display Routines
        2.3.5  Most Common HXT Display Routines
        2.3.6  Most Common SXT Display Routines
        2.3.7  Most Common WBS Display Routines
    2.4  How to Perform Spectral Fitting
    2.5  Selection and Extraction of an Arbitrary Shaped Sub-Image (WDEFROI) [*]
Bragg Crystal Spectrometer (BCS)
    3.1  Entry Point Into the Data
        3.1.1  Accessing a Specific Time Interval Using YODAT
        3.1.2  Accessing a Specific Time Interval Using WBDA
        3.1.3  Browsing
    3.2  Examining Data in the BDA Files
        3.2.1  Listing the BDA Data
        3.2.2  Light Curve (only) Plot Routines
        3.2.3  Spectra and Light Curve Plot Routines
        3.2.4  Spectral (only) Plot Routines
        3.2.5  2-d Plots of Spectra Against Time
        3.2.6  Spectral Movie
        3.2.7  Overplotting Spectra
        3.2.8  Light Curves of Selected Bins
    3.3  Calibrating and Fitting Spectra (using the BSC software)
        3.3.1  Listing the BSC Data
        3.3.2  Fitting the BSC Data
        3.3.3  Temperature Fit (by Comparison)
        3.3.4  Extraction from the BSC structures
        3.3.5  Displaying the BSC Data
    3.4  Other Useful BCS Routines
Hard X-Ray Telescope (HXT)
    4.1  Preparations
    4.2  Time profiles
        4.2.1  How to Plot Light Curves of HXT Data
        4.2.2  Displaying or printing time profiles
        4.2.3  Obtaining count rate data
    4.3  Synthesizing Images from HXT Data
        4.3.1  Determining the Flare Location on the Sun (HXT Address)
        4.3.2  Quicklook of Synthesized Image (HXT_QLOOK)
        4.3.3  HXT_IMG (McTiernan) [*]
        4.3.4  AUTO_HXI [*]
    4.4  Using HXT for Broad-Band Hard X-Ray Spectrophotometry
        4.4.1  Determining Temperatures
    4.5  How to Fit HXT Spectra: HXTBOX_FSP (McTiernan) [*]
    4.6  Spectral analysis with HXT (Sakao)
        4.6.1  Background selection
        4.6.2  Power Law Spectrum
        4.6.3  Thermal spectrum
    4.7  Useful Routines for HXT
Soft X-Ray Telescope (SXT)
    5.1  How to View SXT Images
    5.2  Preparing the SXT Data for Analysis (SXT_PREP)
    5.3  Making a Light Curve with SXT Images (LCUR_IMAGE)
    5.4  Making a Mission Long SXT Light Curve
    5.5  Jitter and Assembly of PFIs from Multiple Exposures
    5.6  Displaying SXT and Ground-Based Synoptic Maps
    5.7  Alignment of Optical and X-Ray Images
    5.8  Aligning Ground-Based Images with SXT
        5.8.1  Determining the Coordinates Using FIT_LIMB
        5.8.2  Determining the Coordinates Using DSK_LOCB
        5.8.3  Determining the Coordinates and/or Roll by Feature Correlation
        5.8.4  Registering One Image to Another Image
    5.9  How to Correct for Vignetting
    5.10  Determining the Pointing Coordinates for SXT PFI
        5.10.1  Simple Plots of Location Relative to the Solar Limb
        5.10.2  Overlaying the PFI Location on an Image (PFI_LOC)
        5.10.3  Listing of the Images and Heliocentric Locations
        5.10.4  Extracting the PFI Location (GT_CENTER)
    5.11  Filter Responses
    5.12  Determining Temperatures for SXT Images (SXT_TEEM)
        5.12.1  Read in the data
        5.12.2  Prepare the data: Part 1 (background subtraction, registration)
        5.12.3  Prepare the data: Part 2 (Filter selection)
        5.12.4  Prepare the data: Part 3 (Interpolation)
        5.12.5  Compute SXT temperatures
        5.12.6  Additional Hints and Notes
    5.13  Looking at Time-Profiles of Temperatures (GO_TEEM)
    5.14  How to Fit SXT Spectra (McTiernan) [*]
    5.15  Useful Routines for SXT
Wide Band Spectrometer (WBS)
    6.1  How to Plot Light Curves of WBS Data
        6.1.1  Plotting Seven WBS Sub-Instruments on One Page
        6.1.2  Light Curves of SXS and HXS-PC
        6.1.3  Light Curves of SXS-PC
        6.1.4  Light Curve of HXS-PC
        6.1.5  Light Curve of Ratio of HXS-PC2 to HXS-PC1
        6.1.6  Light Curve of HXS-PH
        6.1.7  Light Curve of Ratio of HXS-PHi-j to HXS-PHk-l
        6.1.8  Light Curve of GRS-PCL
        6.1.9  Light Curve of GRS-PCH
        6.1.10  Light Curve of Ratio of GRS-PCi to GRS-PCj
        6.1.11  Light Curve of GRS-PHL and GRS-PHH
        6.1.12  Light Curve of Ratio of GRS-PHLi-j to GRS-PHLk-l
        6.1.13  Light Curve of RBM-SC-PC and RBM-SD
    6.2  How to Display WBS Spectra
        6.2.1  Displaying the Spectra in Image Form
        6.2.2  HXS Spectral Display (single power law fitting)
        6.2.3  HXS Spectral Display (double power law fitting)
        6.2.4  GRS Spectral Display
    6.3  How to Fit WBS Spectra
        6.3.1  HXS_FSP (McTiernan)
        6.3.2  FSP_PROC (McTiernan)
        6.3.3  SPFD HXS
        6.3.4  SPFD GRS
    6.4  Useful Routines for WBS
Spacecraft Attitude and Ephemeris
    7.1  Routines for Determining Spacecraft Pointing
        7.1.1  RD_PNT_HIST
        7.1.2  SXT_CEN
        7.1.3  GET_ROLL
        7.1.4  HXA_SUNCENTER
    7.2  Routines to Access the Yohkoh Attitude Database
        7.2.1  RD_PNT
        7.2.2  RD_ATR and RD_ATT
        7.2.3  GET_ATT
        7.2.4  GT_HXA
        7.2.5  GT_IRU
    7.3  Spacecraft Ephemeris
        7.3.1  ORB files
        7.3.2  FEM Files

Tables of Useful Yohkoh Routines
    A.1  General Useful Routines
    A.2  BCS Useful Routines
    A.3  HXT Useful Routines
    A.4  SXT Useful Routines
    A.5  WBS Useful Routines
Format and Naming of Yohkoh Data Files
    B.1  Yohkoh Data File Format
    B.2  Yohkoh Data File Names
        B.2.1  Yohkoh Directory Logicals/Environment Variables
        B.2.2  Yohkoh Prefixes
        B.2.3  Yohkoh File IDs
        B.2.4  Yohkoh Week IDs
        B.2.5  Yohkoh Carrington IDs
Accessing Yohkoh files
    C.1  How to Read Yohkoh Archive Tapes (GO_RDTAP)
    C.2  How to Read Yohkoh Database Tapes (RD_YDBTAP)
    C.3  FTP Access to Yohkoh Archive, etc...
Using the Yohkoh Team Bulletin Board (TBB)
    D.1  Overview
    D.2  Access to the TBB
    D.3  How to submit a new proposal
    D.4  How to Update a Proposal
    D.5  Where to Find TeamBB Files
Old Fortran 77 Analysis Software
    E.1  Calibrating and Fitting BCS Spectra (the BSD software)
        E.1.1  Displaying Data from the BSD File
        E.1.2  Displaying Intermediate Results (from BSDCAL)
        E.1.3  Displaying Fitted Spectral Data (from BSDFIT)
        E.1.4  Displaying Processed Parameters (from BSDFIT)
    E.2  Synthesizing HXT Images (HXTPRO; Sakao)
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