CDS Software Notes

The CDS software note series is a set of documents specifically related to SOHO/CDS software matters. They pertain to all aspects of the software and are gathered together here for ease of reference and access.

An ASCII version of the list of Software Notes is also available.


   Note                Title                                Author

    07      CDS Planning Tool Users' Guide                  D M Zarro &
                                                            L Wang
    24      CDS Technical Planning software                 C D Pike

Data Analysis

   Note                Title                                Author

    09      CDS IDL data structure                          S V Haugan
    12      User guide to calibration science analyser      C D Pike
    18*     CDS Interoperability software                   W Thompson
    19      Other SoHO Interoperability software            W Thompson
    20*     Quicklook software user manual                  P Brekke &
                                                            S V Haugan
    21      Profile fitting to CDS/SUMER data               N Brynildsen
    32      A QL Density/Temp. Diagnostic Tool for CDS      P G Judge &
                                                            P Brekke
    33*     A Synthetic Spectrum Program for CDS            K Dere et al
    34      Applying Calibration to VDS Data                W Thompson
    37*     Diagnostic Line Ratios (using CHIANTI) for CDS  K Dere et al
    39      Automatic Line Fitting to CDS Spectra           B J Kellett
    41      Analyzing CDS data in IDL: An Observers Guide   S V H Haugan
    46      Missing Pixels and Cosmic Rays                  W Thompson,
                                                            S.V.H. Haugan &
                                                            Peter Young
    47      The Component Fitting System for IDL            S V H Haugan
    48      CDS Pointing Calculations                       W Thompson
    49      Deriving Statistics from NIS Data               W Thompson
    50      DEM analysis using CHIANTI                      G Del Zanna
    51      The VDS Burn-in Calibration                     W Thompson
    52      Routines for use with the CHIANTI database      P R Young
    53      Post-recovery broadened line profiles           W Thompson
    55      GIS Software User Manual                        E Breeveld

Software Utilities

   Note                Title                                Author

    04      IDL software for FITS binary tables             W Thompson
    05      SERTS graphics devices routines                 W Thompson
    06      SERTS image display routines                    W Thompson
    10      The UIT IDL database system                     W Thompson
    14      Time conversion routines                        W Thompson
    16      C Utility programs for IDL programming          S V Haugan
    22      CDS on-line help utilities                      C D Pike
    28      Tape Archiving Procedures for the SoHO/CDS      D Luttermoser


   Note                Title                                Author

    02      CDS catalog definitions                         W Thompson
    03      Converting CDS telemetry to FITS files          W Thompson
    08      CDS software and data directories               C D Pike
    11      Converting CDS calibration telemetry to FITS    W Thompson
    15      Study identifications                           R A Harrison
    23*     CDS FITS generation Software                    W Thompson
    25      Command Preparation Software                    M K Carter
    26      Engineering telemetry monitor                   C D Pike
    27      Guide to the CDS Science Telemetry Monitor      C D Pike
    29      CDS Planning Database Directories               C D Pike
    30      CDHS State Database Software                    M K Carter
    31      Monitoring CDS mechanical use                   C D Pike
    35      CDS Temperature Monitoring                      C D Pike
    36      CDS QCM Monitoring                              C D Pike
    38      IDL access to CDS telemetry files               C D Pike
    40      CDS Engineering studies.                        M K Carter
    43      Processing CDS Level-0 CDROMs                   W Thompson
    44*     Study Durations                                 W Thompson
    45      CDS Solar Feature Tracking                      C D Pike


   Note                Title                                Author

    00      This index.
    01      CDS ground based software requirements          C D Pike
    13      Report on VDS subsystem calibration             W Thompson
    17      Installing the CDS software                     C D Pike,
                                                            W Thompson &
                                                            D M Zarro
    42      A Guide for the CDS Scientist                   W Thompson
    54      GIS Instrument Guide                            R D Bentley
    56      GIS Calibration Details                         E Breeveld