CHIANTI: A Database for Astrophysical Emission Line Spectroscopy

CHIANTI Version 3.0 Released !

CHIANTI has been extended to X-ray wavelengths below 50 Å

What's new in CHIANTI Version 3.0

The members of the CHIANTI consortium

The Chianti producing region of Italy (click for a larger version)

CHIANTI consists of a critically evaluated set of atomic data necessary to calculate the emission line spectrum of astrophysical plasmas. The data consists of atomic energy levels, atomic radiative data such as wavelengths, weighted oscillator strengths and A values, and electron collisional excitation rates. A set of programs that use these data to calculate the spectrum in a desired wavelength range as a function of temperature and density are also provided. These programs have been written in Interactive Data Language (IDL) and this html document provides a description of these various programs.

Downloading the CHIANTI database

An Online Manual of CHIANTI IDL routines

CHIANTI spectral line lists and publications

Elements and ions in the database NEW!
Find out which elements and ions are contained in CHIANTI and references to the atomic data

The Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory in Florence Italy also maintains a copy of the CHIANTI database

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The University of Cambridge (UK) also maintains a copy of the CHIANTI database

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