I will give an overview of the APEX submm telescope and it's instrumentation. APEX has both heterodyne instruments covering almost all atmospheric windows from 200 GHz to 1.3 THz, and bolometer arrays covering 870 to 350 microns. I will also show some science results from APEX including [CII] spectroscopy in high redshift objects, follow-up from the 30'x30' LABOCA 870 micron imaging of the ECDFS and Galactic Plane. Recently, the Z-Spec wide-band spectrometer which instantaneously covers 180 to 310 GHz was moved to APEX, and is now providing redshifts of strongly lensed submm galaxies discovered from the South Pole Telescope, H-Atlas and Hermes surveys. I will present some early Z-Spec results and illustrate the complementarity with ALMA.