Tidal Phenomena around Massive Objects I discuss two kinds of extreme events due to the tidal fields around massive objects. 1) Stars orbiting closely enough to a massive black hole could be tidally compressed into a transient pancake-shape configuration before the total disruption. Using hydrodynamical simulations, I show the formation of a strong shock within the stellar matter, and I discuss its implications to X-ray and gravitational wave astronomy. 2) The leading models for the formation of hyper-velocity stars is the breakup of a binary as it approaches the massive black hole in the Galactic Center. The large mass ratio between the black hole and binary stars allows us to formulate the problem in the restricted parabolic three-body approximation. I discuss the ejection and capture dynamics in the framework, and the results are also used to discuss irregular satellites around the giant planets in the Solar system, especially Triton - Neptune's largest moon.