I will present the study of the X-ray emission from the Galactic Centre (GC) Molecular Clouds (MC), within the Central Molecular Zone. The MC spectra show all the features characteristic of reflection: intense FeKalpha, with EW of about 0.7-1 keV, flat power law continuum and significant FeK edge. The temporal evolution of the MC emission, with its complex pattern of variations, as well as the apparent super-luminal motion of a light front illuminating a Molecular nebula will be discussed. The line intensities, clouds dimensions, columns densities and positions with respect to SgrA*, are found to be consistent with being reflection of a past period of activity of SgrA*. The required high luminosity (about 1.5*1039 erg s-1) can hardly be produced by an binary system, while it is in agreement with a flare of SgrA* fading about 100 years ago. Other possible interpretations will be also discussed.