Astrophysics Group Meetings and Seminars

January – June 2007

On Tuesday afternoons in the Library, the Astrophysics Group meets for seminars (internal and external) and to discuss topics from general astronomy to group matters. These get-togethers are specifically meant to be very informal. They are intended to promote the free exchange of ideas between members of the group and others.

Speakers normally give presentations of up to an hour (including time for questions) and these will begin at 3pm unless stated otherwise.

In charge for the period 01st January to 30th June 2007 are Roberto Mignani and Rebecca Smith.

Calendar 2007 January to June 2007
Date Title Speaker
9 Jan

16 Jan

23 Jan
The Optical Emission from Ultraluminous X-ray Sources
Chris Copperwheat
University of Warwick
31 Jan
X-ray Spectra of Magnetar candidates: a twist in the field (Abstract)
Roberto Turolla
Univ. Of Padova/UCL
6 Feb

13 Feb

20 Feb
The observed properties of Dark Matter on small astrophysical scales(Abstract)
Prof. Gerry Gilmore
Cambridge University
27 Feb

6 Mar
Electro-magnetic interactions in planetary, stellar and black-hole systems
Kinwah Wu
13 Mar
Astrochemistry of diffuse interstellar clouds
Silvia Casu
Astronomical Observatory of Cagliary/UCL
15 Mar
Binary white dwarfs and supernovae type Ia
Ralf Napiwotzki
University of Hertfordshire
20 Mar
Nuclei, accretion mode and feedback in Radio Galaxies
Martin Hardcastle
University of Hertfordshire
27 Mar
MHD jets from Swirling Discs
Donald Lynden-Bell
3 Apr
A new paradigm for early-type galaxies
Roger Davies
University of Oxford
12 Apr
The life cycle of baryons in galaxy groups(Abstract)
Jesper Rasmussen
University of Birmingham
17 Apr
Galaxy Evolution at Infrared Wavelengths
Sebastian Olivier
University of Sussex
18 Apr,14:30
Outer structure of the Galactic warp and flare
Simone Zaggia
Observatory of Padua
20 Apr,11:00
Diversity of electron energy distribution in Gamma Ray Burst afterglows: The case of GRB 041006 and GRB 060124(Abstract)
Kuntal Mishra
24 Apr
Galaxies in the Young Universe
Malcom Bremer
University of Bristol
1 May
Mapping the Secondary Stars in Cataclismic Variables
Robert Smith
University of Sussex
8 May
ULTRACAM: High-speed astrophysics
Vic Dillon
Sheffield University
15 May
The 6th(?) outburst of RS Ophiuchi
Stewart Eyres
22 May
SuperWasp: From fixing leaks to finding planets
Pierre Maxted
University of Keele
29 May
Jim Hinton
Leeds University
5 Jun
Post-Newtonian N-Body Simulations
Sverre Aarseth
University of Cambridge
12 Jun
Wolf-Rayet Stars: Progenitors of Type Ib/c supernovae and Gamma Ray Bursts?
Paul Crowther
Sheffield University
19 Jun
Physics of sources with H-alpha excess in the IPHAS survey
Laura Pickard
26 Jun

If you have any comments or if you'd like to come and give us a seminar, please drop Roberto or Becca a line.

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