Astrophysics Group Meetings and Seminars

July – December 2007

On Thursay afternoons in the Library, the Astrophysics Group meets for seminars (internal and external) and to discuss topics from general astronomy to group matters. These get-togethers are specifically meant to be very informal. They are intended to promote the free exchange of ideas between members of the group and others.

Speakers normally give presentations of up to an hour (including time for questions) and these will begin at 2.30pm unless stated otherwise.

In charge for the period 01st July to 31st December 2007 are Roberto Soria and Patricia Schady.

Calendar 2007 July to December 2007
Date Title Speaker
5 July
The search for gravitational waves and the stochastic gravitational-wave background
Carlo N. Colacino
University of Birmingham
12 July

19 July
Supermassive Black Holes and their Host Galaxies
Elena Dalla Bonta
University of Padua
26 July

2 Aug

9 Aug

16 Aug

23 Aug
Report on the IAU Symposium 245 on the "Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Bulges" held in Oxford on 16-20 July
Prof. Mark Cropper
30 Aug

6 Sept

13 Sept

18 Sept

25 Sept
Radio Galaxies and the Integalactic Medium
Prof. Ravi Subrahmanyan
Raman Research Institute
27 Sept
Studying AGN accretion through X-ray variability
Dr. Patricia Arevalo
University of Southampton
4 Oct
Theory and simulations of star formation in AGN accretion discs
Sergei Nayakshin
Leicester University
12 Oct
21st Century Galaxy Dynamics (At 19th Century Prices)
Prof. Michael R. Merrifield
University of Nottingham
18 Oct
Star Formation in Early-Type Galaxies: UV, Optical, and mm Constraints
Dr. Martin Bureau
Oxford University
25 Oct
Statistical Properties of the Very Weak Radio Source Population in the GOODS/ACS HDF-N region
Dr. Rob Beswick
Jodrell Bank Observatory
1 Nov
Extraplanar HI and its implications
Prof. James Binney
Oxford University
8 Nov
The role of AGN in regulating the formation of stars in galaxies
Dr. Antonis Georgakakis
15 Nov
Building a Galaxy Cloud-by-Cloud
Prof. Brad K. Gibson
University of Central Lancashire
22 Nov
Galaxy-scale astrochemistry
Dr. Chris Lintott
Oxford University
29 Nov
Nine reasons why all current models of galaxy formation are wrong...and how to do better
Prof. Joe Silk
University of Oxford
6 Dec
Superfluid instabilities in precessing neutron stars
Dr. Ian Jones
University of Southampton
14 Dec
Origin and fate of the ionised gas in early-type galaxies
Dr. Marc Sarzi
University of Hertfordshire

If you have any comments or if you'd like to come and give us a seminar, please drop Roberto or Patricia a line.

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