SRON responsibilities for the XMM-Newton RGS

SRON, the Principal Investigator institute for the RGS, is responsible for the procurement and testing of the RGS CCDs, for the RGS Analogue Electronics (RAE), the instrument Ground Support Equipment (EGSE), the RGS system engineering and the overall instrument assembly, integration and verification.

The picture below is a top-view of the Engineering-Qualification Model of the RGS Focal Camera (RFC), showing the entrance slit, its door and opening mechanism (picture courtesy of SRON; see also the page describing Switzerland's contribution to the RGS).

The Engineering-Qualification Model of the RFC

Shown below is the interior of the RFC, displaying the CCD mountings (picture courtesy of SRON).

A view of the interior of the RFC

For further information and pictures of the RGS, see the

SRON XMM-Newton page