The XMM Survey Science Centre Programme at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory

Information about the SSC The XMM Survey Science Centre is an international collaboration involving a consortium of 8 institutions in the UK, France and Germany. The SSC Principal Investigator is Mike Watson of Leicester University and MSSL is a co-I group. ESA formally selected this consortium to provide the SSC in February 1996. PPARC funding of the UK element of the SSC is currently approved for a 7-year period which commenced in April 1996. The SSC has major responsibilities within the XMM project in the development of the XMM science analysis software, the `pipeline' processing of XMM observations and in co-ordinating the exploitation of the XMM serendipitous sky survey via a ground-based follow-up/identification programme.

MSSL's role in the SSC Within the SSC, MSSL has two main areas of activity: (a) pipeline software for the RGS and OM instruments and (b) the planning and co-ordination of the SSC follow-up/identification programme (the `XID' programme) and its associated database system. MSSL is the main source of expertise in the SSC for the RGS and OM, and also has considerable experience in the optical identification of X-ray surveys.

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