The Swift Ultraviolet Optical Telescope

MSSL scientists preparing the UVOT for shipment to Goddard Space Flight Center.

The Swift UVOT instrument is a 30 cm modified Ritchey-Chretien reflecting telescope. The range of optical and UV filters can accomodate wavebands between 1700 and 6500 Angstroms. A full field image covers 17 by 17 arcminutes and at maximum spatial sampling is imaged onto 2048 by 2048 pixels

Please see the UVOT Instrument pages for more technical detail of the spacecraft and instrument. In addition, the calibration and catalogue pages provide information about ongoing pre- and post-launch Swift team activities, while the observing and links pages offer tools, guidelines and external web sites that further describe Swift, UVOT, and GRB science.

The grism pages provide details on the grism spectral calibration, as well as grism UVOTPY Python software  with embedded calibration files.