Currently, the latest code is in the GITHUB repository, while no new released version past version 2.2 (may 2017) has been made. Work has been underway to make the code compatible with Python 3, and an update to the uv grism sensitivity has for now been hardcoded.

Ureka is no longer recommended. Use astroconda instead. See Installing UVOTPY.

The description of the grism calibration has been published, see Kuin et al. (2015).

The UVOTPY software is publicly available at a github repository and has been registered with the Astrophysics Source Code Library <http://ascl.net> and the Digital Object Indentifier (DOI) is 10.5281/zenodo.12323.

If you use this software, please cite as follows:

Kuin, N.P.M., 2014, Astrophysics Source Code Library, record ascl:1410.004

Please report any issues to n.kuin at ucl ac uk.