Documents relating to the grism calibration

The Swift UVOT instrument in the context of the Swift mission has been described in:

  • Roming

The UVOT detector inherits much from the earlier work on the MIC detector design. Here are some of the most relevant papers.

  • Fordham
  • Kawakami

The coincidence-loss in the detector was further studied. In particular, the errors which are of a binominal nature rather than Poisonian were discussed by

  • Kuin and Rosen

The Photometric calibration of the UVOT was discussed in several papers leading to the seminal one from

  • Poole

followed by

  • Breeveld
  • Breeveld

The ground based pre-launch calibration of the grism was discussed in

  • Kuin

The grism wavelength calibration was discussed in

  • Kuin

The response of zeroth, first and second order in the uv grism are discussed in

  • Kuin

The flux calibration of the first order spectra is discussed in

  • Kuin

Technical documents

Detailed reports made during the wavelength calibration