Laser machining facility

The NdYAG laser system with integrated computer controlled coordinate table is used to manufacture fine-scale mechanical and electro-optical components. The capability of this equipment allows us to manufacture parts which would not be possible by conventional machining methods, but without the constraints of lithographic technology. This includes readout anodes (e.g. Wedge & Strip and Vernier) for use in Microchannel plate detectors.

Substrate positioned on x-y tables



Contact: Louisa Bradley


Sputter Coating Facility

Sputtering provides a means of depositing thin film coatings onto substrates. Our sputtering facility, an Edwards ESM100, can operate in DC and RF modes; DC is used for conductors and RF for insulators (RF can also be used for conductors). Before applying a thin film the ESM100 can be used to sputter clean (back sputter) a substrate which removes surface contamination within a few minutes.

Typical applications include the manufacture of anodes for use in Microchannel plate detectors) by coating quartz substrates with chrome/gold/copper and coating a 300mm quartz disc with gold for use in our electron gun assembly.

Edwards ESM100 sputter facility


Choice of film material:

Substrate dimensions:

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Westbond wirebonder



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