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Academic year 2010-2011

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Monday 20th September 2010 Prof. Rajmal Jain Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad Indian missions to study solar and interplanetary plasma
Thursday 13th October 2010 Dr. Yasir Soobiah Swedish Institute for Space Physics, Kiruna The search for Martian aurora signatures in MEX ASPERA-3 IMA observations
Tuesday 1st February 2011 Dr. Craig Leff MSSL ExoMars PanCam project manager A review of MER surface operations, with implications for MSL and ExoMars
Wednesday 20th April Prof. E. Dubinin Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research (MPS), Lindau, Germany Induced magnetospheres at Mars and Venus: Open questions
Tuesday 7th June Dr. Jonathan Eastwood Imperial College London Cluster observations of magnetic reconnection and the ion diffusion region in the Earth's magnetotail

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For further information and if you are interested in giving a talk here then please contact Chris Owen (Space Plasma Physics) or Geraint Jones (Planetary Science).

Group Meetings
Academic year 2010-2011

Date Venue Speaker (2:00 pm) Title
Monday 6th September Nu meeting room Adam Masters Structure and variability of Saturn's low-latitude boundary layer: An update
Monday 13th September Nu meeting room Segheen Byene A review of the paper "First application of a Petschek-type reconnection model with time-varying reconnection rate to THEMIS observations"
Monday 20th September Nu meeting room Geraint Jones Reflections on Rhea
Monday 27th September n/a n/a n/a
Monday 4th October Ariel house Colin Forsyth Update on Cluster auroral studies
Monday 11th October Nu meeting room Planetary Ops Team (Gethyn Lewis) A study of Cassini spacecraft potential using SPINE's SPIS modelling software
Monday 18th October Nu meeting room Andrew Walsh A review of the papers: "Substorm triggering by new plasma intrusion: THEMIS all-sky imager observations" and "Enhanced Transport Across Entire Length of Plasma Sheet Boundary Field lines Leading to Substorm Onset"
Monday 25th October Library Annie Wellbrock A review of chapter "Composition and Structure of the Ionosphere and Thermosphere" in the book "Titan from Cassini-Huygens"
Monday 1st November Nu meeting room Chris Owen A review of the paper "On the variations of the solar wind magnetic field about the Parker spiral direction"
Monday 8th November Nu meeting room Sheila Kanani A review of the paper "Modification of the plasma in the near vicinity of Enceladus by the enveloping dust"
Monday 15th November Library Chuan Li Interplanetary evolution of CMEs: a review of recent studies on ICMEs/MCs
Monday 22th November n/a n/a n/a
Monday 29th November Ariel house Roger Duthie A review of the paper "Tail Reconnection Triggering Substorm Onset"
Monday 6th December Nu meeting room Andrew Coates Some recent results on plasma interaction with the Moon
Monday 13th December Nu meeting room Andrew Fazakerley Centrifugal interchange motions
Monday 20th December n/a n/a n/a
Monday 27th December n/a n/a Christmas Day Holiday
Monday 3rd January n/a n/a New Year's Day Holiday
Thursday 13th January Nu meeting room Adam Masters Magnetic reconnection at Saturn's magnetopause
Thursday 20th January Nu meeting room Segheen Byene A review of the paper "Bifurcation of the tail current sheet and ion temperature anisotropy"
Thursday 27th January Nu meeting room Geraint Jones Neutral sodium tails
Thursday 3rd February Nu meeting room Colin Forsyth A review of Lin et al. (1982) on counter-streaming electrons in the auroral region
Thursday 10th February Nu meeting room Yudish Ramanjooloo A review of the paper "Solar wind speed inferred from cometary plasma tails using observations from STEREO HI-1A"
Thursday 17th February Nu meeting room Andrew Walsh A review of recent work on plasma sheet mainly focused on "Average pitch angle distribution in the terrestrial magnetotail: Cluster observation and implication of magnetosphere structure"
Thursday 24th February Ariel house Chris Owen Chris and Dhiren report on science and technology aspects of a potential mission dubbed TwinSat
Thursday 3rd March Ariel house Annie Wellbrock A review of the paper "Structured ionospheric outflow during the Cassini Titan flybys T55-T59"
Thursday 10th March Nu meeting room Sheila Kanani Intringuing (injection) features in Saturn's inner magnetosphere
Thursday 17th March Nu meeting room Chuan Li A review of the paper "Reconnection outflows and current sheet observed with Hinode/XRT"
Thursday 24th March Nu meeting room Chris Arridge A review of the paper "Improved mapping of Jupiter's auroral features to magnetospheric sources"
Thursday 31st March Nu meeting room Colin Forsyth EGU practice talk "Solar wind and substorm excitation of the wavy current sheet"
Monday 4th April Library n/a EGU meeting
Monday 11th April Library Jonathan O'Regan Creating energetic particle flux maps using the NOAA POES Medium Energy Proton and Electron Detector (MEPED)
Monday 18th April n/a n/a NAM meeting week
Monday 25th April n/a n/a Easter Monday
Monday 2nd May n/a n/a Early May Bank Holiday
Monday 9th May Common room Andrew Fazakerley A review the paper "comparing plasma flows at the inner edge of the plasmasheet in the cases of steady magnetospheric convection and of substorms"
Monday 16th May Library Tom Nordheim Moon-magnetosphere interactions at icy moons
Monday 23rd May Library Cluster Ops Team Branislav Mihaljcic: "Status_FGM_PAD & Status_Pentrating_Radiation Flag"; Yulia Bogdanova: "Status_CountStats Flag"
Monday 30th May n/a n/a Spring Bank Holiday
Monday 6th June n/a n/a n/a
Monday 13th June Library Roger Duthie Introduction to & Preliminary Results of: A Statistical Investigation into the Connection Between High-Speed Flux Transport & Dipolarisation in the Terrestrial Magnetotail
Monday 20th June n/a n/a n/a
Monday 27th June Nu meeting room Andrew Coates CAPS results from recent Titan encounters

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