Space Plasma Physics Group  Instrumentation

The MSSL Space Plasma Physics Group has provided instrumentation for a large number of space flight missions. These are listed below. We also have developed a world class electron calibration system for 30-20,000 eV electrons, used on Cluster and Doublestar.

  • PEACE - Electron sensors on each of China's Double Star (Equator and Polar) satellites

  • PEACE - Cluster's Plasma Electron and Current Experiment

  • TIMAS - Toroidal Imaging Mass Angle Spectrometer for the POLAR spacecraft

  • AREA - Microchannel plate detector system on Pulsaur Rocket

  • CID - Cold Ion Detector on board STRV-1a

  • LEPA - Low Energy Plasma Analyser on the CRRES spacecraft

  • SEM-2 - Electronics and calibration for Meteosat 3 (P2)

  • AMPTE UKS - Three-Dimensional Ion Instrument

  • Meteosat 2 - spacecraft charging monitors

  • GEOS-1 and 2 suprathermal plasma analysers

11 July 2006
Yulia Bogdanova