Space Plasma Physics Group Members

Name        Email : Telephone Job Description
Academic Staff
Andrew Coates ajc
01483 204145 Professor
Andrew Fazakerley anf
01483 204175 Reader
Chris Owen cjo
01483 204281 Professor,  Head of Space Plasma Physics Group
Postdoctoral Research Staff
Colin Forsyth cfo
01483 204266 Research Fellow
Chuan Li cl2
01483 204244 Research Fellow, joint with Solar Group
Andrew Walsh apw
01483 204143 Research Fellow
Postgraduate Students
Rob Bedington rb2 01483 204142 PhD student, joint with Detector Physics group
Segheen Beyene sb2 01483 204260 PhD student
Roger Duthie rjad 01483 204299 PhD student
Kimberley Steed ks3 01483 204184 PhD student, joint with Solar Group
Cluster PEACE Operations Team
Yulia Bogdanova jb
01483 204159 PEACE Operations Team Research Fellow 
Natasha Doss nd2
01483 204162 PEACE Operations Team Research Fellow 
Branislav Mihaljcic bm2
01483 204274 PEACE Operations Team Research  Fellow
Iryna Rozum ir2
01483 204259 PEACE Operations Team Research Fellow 
Gillian Watson gw1
01483 204109 PEACE Technical Manager

Former Group Members

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