Science and applications of the space environment: new results and interdisciplinary connections

The Royal Society, 16-18 October 2001
Publication of proceedings

We have just heard that Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society series A have now firmly agreed to publish the proceedings in a special issue. The issue will be edited by the organizers of the meeting, and papers will be refereed. Guidelines on manuscript preparation are at under Transactions A. For this special issue please initially submit papers electronically to, either in pdf or Word. Due to the generosity of the sponsors of the meeting we will be able to support a few colour illustrations - but please only use colour where really necessary to convey the scientific meaning.

As mentioned at the meeting, in order to accommodate as many presentations as possible in the space available, we plan 10 journal pages per invited talk and 4 journal pages per contributed poster. Submissions should be double spaced. Note that there are about 600 words per journal page (but subtract words for figures, references etc accordingly, e.g. about 300 words for a half-page figure). The Submission deadline is now 23 November to allow time for the preparation of good papers. We will expedite the refereeing process as much as possible, with a target publication date in May 2002.

Please email us (at to confirm that we can expect a paper from you. Please also treat 23 November as a firm (extended!) deadline.

regards Len Culhane, Julian Hunt and Andrew Coates

The conference website can be found here and the second announcement here

Third announcement

The location map can be found here.

The programme for the meeting can be found here.

1 November 2001
Sarah Matthews