XMM-Newton over the Earth Accommodation

If you intend to stay overnight locally, we recommend that you book your own accommodation as early as possible. MSSL is in a rural location, about 10 miles away from the nearest towns. Hotels are available in Guildford and Dorking; bed and breakfast, and limited hotel accommodation is available in the surrounding villages. We have made preliminary block bookings at the Travel Inn in Guildford and the Hurtwood Inn Hotel in the village of Peaslake. To help you with your booking, below are the details of possible local accommodation. If you encounter problems, you may contact Mrs Libby Daghorn (+1483 204110, or e-mail ead@mssl.ucl.ac.uk).

XMM-Newton over the Earth Hotels

XMM-Newton over the Earth Bed and Breakfast

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Last modified 14th May 2002