XMM-Newton over the Earth Oral and written presentations

The workshop consists of 30 min review talks (including 5 min for questions) and of 15 min contributed talks (including 3 min for questions). Poster papers are allocated a space of 70 cm x 70 cm each.

The workshop scientific programme and abstracts of talks and posters are available at this Website.

XMM-Newton over the EarthWWW publication of proceedings

Papers presented at the workshop are being published on the Web (in the way used by Tahir Yaqoob for last year's JHU workshop on X-ray Emission from Accretion onto Black Holes). This will ensure the most immediate and easily accessible method of publication. We are asking our contributors to submit their papers to the MSSL local organiser (gbr@mssl.ucl.ac.uk) by March 21, 2003 (note postponed deadline).

The page limits are 10 for the 30 min long talks, 6 for the shorter talks and 4 for the posters respectively. A gzipped tar file (/pub/xray/gbr/rgs_workshop.tar.gz) with detailed instructions to the authors can be downloaded by ftp from ftp.mssl.ucl.ac.uk. Download the tar file, gunzip it, and then execute tar -xvf rgs_workshop.tar.

We have submitted the bibliographical information for each paper to ADS. In each ADS entry a URL points to the postscript file of your submitted paper (you can also access the workshop proceedings via an authors index in alphabetical order from the workshop main Web page). Until you submit a write-up, the URL will point to a dummy file.

Please send your write-up as soon as possible so that we can include it, and have a complete collection of the workshop papers: they offer a very useful snapshot of the current status of high resolution X-ray spectroscopy in most fields of astrophysical research. In order to have a more permanent record of the workshop proceedings, we plan to copy all papers to a CD and to distribute a copy to the participants. But this can only be done if you do provide, and soon, all your write-ups!

XMM-Newton over the Earth Workshop scientific programme

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