High resolution X-ray spectroscopy:
towards XEUS and Con-X

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Since the launch of the Chandra and the XMM-Newton observatories six years ago, astronomers have become familiar with high resolution X-ray spectra provided by dispersive spectrometers. A whole new source parameter space has been opened up to investigation and exciting new insights have been revealed into the physics and energetics of X-ray emitters and absorbers. Soon further advances in this field will be provided by non-dispersive spectrometers, with similar high resolution to current instrumentation and with enhanced sensitivity.

The time is right, then, to take stock of what has been achieved, to review our current understanding and to consider how to build on it, by taking advantage of future opportunities such as XEUS and Con-X. With this in mind we invite those in the astronomical community with an interest in high resolution X-ray spectroscopy to get together again at MSSL, in a workshop that will hopefully be as vibrant and successful as its precursor in October 2002.

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The workshop was held on Monday and Tuesday 27th and 28th March 2006, at the UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL), located in Holmbury St Mary, near Dorking, in the Surrey hills. Further information about the workshop and MSSL may be found from the links below.

The proceedings of the workshop are being published on this Website. The bibliographical information for each paper will be submitted to ADS. Following ADS rules, after three years of posting on the MSSL Website, and after obtaining copyright permissions from the authors, the proceedings will be submitted to ADS for permanent archiving.

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