UK Solar Missions Forum 2019

UK solar missions forum: the future of missions, facilities and computing

The purpose of this meeting is to look towards the future, and how the UK solar physics community to build on our world class heritage. We particularly encourage student, and early career scientists along, as these missions take many years, and we hope that the future mission leaders will join us.The talks are available online

10:00 Introduction (Louise/Richard)

Operational missions - a discussion on how future observing will occur in these mission, and how you can be involved.

10:05 STEREO (Richard)

10:15: BiSOn (Bill)

10:25 Hinode (Louise):

10:35 Discussion (all)

Mission/facilities in build phase - preparing the community for making best use of the data

10:40 Solar Orbiter (Louise)

10:50 DKIST (Mihalis or Lyndsay)

11:00 Discussion (all)

11:10 EST - focussing on future involvement (Sarah)

Future mission/facilities ideas

The STFC priority call resulted in an excellent range of ideas from the solar community. Three were selected to go to the next stage, so a bit more detail will be included for these - but all ideas submitted will be covered. In this part of the meeting we concentrate on the future ideas, and how we can develop them into a UK solar physics strategy document.

11:20 Solar-C (Louise)

11:30 Formation flying coronagraph SULIS (Eamon)

11:40 Chromospheric modelling (Tony)

11:50 1-slide for each submitted idea (organised by Huw).

12:30-13:30 Lunch (please get your lunch outside the RAS - we cannot use the library etc for eating lunch - sorry!)

13:30 Future ESA missions - F-missions, M6 (Sarah)

Lagrange (Jackie)


14:00 High performance computing (Alan)

14:15 STFC perspective (Bill)

14:30 UKSA perspective (Chris Lee)

14:45 UKSP strategy document - the future of solar physics in the UK (Mihalis/all)

16:00 Finish

Louise Harra 2014