1. Departmental Graduate Tutor at MSSL,
    UCL Department of Space and Climate Physics

  2. Course organiser for the department’s MSc Programmes :
    Spacecraft Technology and Satellite Communications
    Space Science

    Systems Engineering Management

  3. Lecturer in Project Management and related topics,
    Systems Engineering and Space Technology

  4. Member of the Technology Management Group and the UCL Centre for Systems Engineering

I have a background in Research, Technology and Physics/Engineering, having worked on detectors and instrumentation packages for astronomical spacecraft and other space projects. I’m very interested in the development of active, learner-centred, approaches to education and training, especially those relating to the use of information technology. I am also curious about what really constitutes a successful project management technique, particularly for activities far removed from the norms of the discipline’s origins in corporate industry.


Hello, I’m Matt Whyndham