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Project Management

MAST 3001/G001

Known as MASTC01/GC01 prior to 2004/5

A practical introduction to Project Management, taught with
Jane Walker and administered by the Management Studies Centre.


Picture of a classroom
Class in Progress -
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A UCL project management class in progress. Group and practical activities feature strongly in the course. Here, students are discussing a business proposal to create an advertising structure. Later in the same class, the groups build a model within time and cost constraints.

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MAST3001 is the undergraduate code for the course. Postgraduate students taking this course will attend the same lectures and coursework but will sit a slightly different exam under the code MASTG001.



APMP Course

Project Management Fundamentals

The APM's APMP Qualification is a foundation level qualification for those working in project management who need to understand project management in order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.

The Qualification is derived from the APM Body of Knowledge. The Syllabus and BOK are available from the APM.

This five day intensive course, which includes an examination at the APMP standard, has been developed by Jane Walker, Matthew Whyndham, Alan Smith and Albert Lester with input from UCL colleagues and is taught by them and other experienced project managers.

The course provides delegates with knowledge of a range of concepts, tools and techniques from which it is possible to build a project management process appropriate to their context. Delegates are taught in small groups which fosters a friendly atmosphere of mutual assistance and experience-based learning.

Contact Morag Meyer, Continuing Professional Development Administrator at the UCL Management Studies Centre, for details of course running dates, admission details etc.


Space Systems Technology

PHYS3C64, SS15

This course is about understanding how a scientific spacecraft works and operates, with reference to the principles of physics and the practice of modern engineering and technology. It is an invaluable introduction for those embarking on a career in space science or space engineering, and useful for others in that it demonstrates how modern technologies are applied to the general problem of construction of complex systems.

Taught with Phil Thomas, this is a half-unit module of Physics and related first degrees taught in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. It is also applicable to those undertaking MSc. in Space Science.

 Resources for this course are presented on UCL’s WebCT server. Registered students will be able to see Space Systems Technology on the My WebCT page.



Spacecraft Operations and Project Organisation



This course is part of the MSSL MSc / Graduate Diploma in Space Science, Space Technology and Satellite Communications (program details here).

Materials for this course are distributed through the UCL WebCT system. Registered students will be able to access Spacecraft Operations and Project Organisation ST4.



Other topics

Involvement includes:


  • Supervsion of MSc and other Dissertations in Project Management, Systems Engineering and Information Management.
  • Project Management and Systems Engineering topics in the Faraday Associates Workshop programmes.
  • Other workshops and short courses.


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