name: hec_id
datatype: int ucd: meta.record
xtype: utype:
description: Event Identification number (HEC internal number).
name: comp_id
datatype: int ucd:
xtype: utype:
description: Comparison pair between spacecraft A and B (before 2008 when they were relatively close together).
name: id
datatype: int ucd:
xtype: utype:
description: Event identifier (reset at beginning of year).
name: flag
datatype: char ucd: meta.code
xtype: utype:
description: * indicates a hybrid event combined by a SIR and another solar wind structure (e.g. an ICME). ? Indicates an ambiguous event.
name: spacecraft
datatype: char ucd: instr.obsty
xtype: utype: helio:observatory.observatory_name
description: STEREO spacecraft - A.
name: time_start
datatype: char ucd: time.start
xtype: iso8601 utype: helio:time_period.time_start
description: Start time of the event.
name: time_end
datatype: char ucd: time.end
xtype: iso8601 utype: helio:time_period.time_end
description: End time of the event.
name: time_pt_max
datatype: char ucd: time.phase;phys.pressure;stat.max
xtype: iso8601 utype:
description: The approximate stream interface time, because it is where the forces at the two sides of the interface are equal and in opposite directions.
name: pt_max
datatype: float ucd: phys.pressure;stat.max
xtype: utype:
description: The maximum total pressure (Pt, sum of magnetic and perpendicular plasma thermal pressures) perpendicular to the magnetic field.
name: b_max
datatype: float ucd: stat.max;phys.magField
xtype: utype:
description: Maximum magnetic field in the event.
name: np_max
datatype: float ucd: phys.density;stat.max
xtype: utype:
description: Maximum proton number density in the event.
name: v_min
datatype: float ucd: phys.veloc;stat.min
xtype: utype:
description: Minimum velocity.
name: v_max
datatype: float ucd: phys.veloc;stat.max
xtype: utype:
description: Maximum velocity.

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