name: hec_id
datatype: int ucd: meta.record
xtype: utype:
description: Event Identification number (HEC internal number)
name: time_start
datatype: char ucd: time.start
xtype: iso8601 utype: helio:time_period.time_start
description: The time that the start of the X-ray flare event was detected by Ulysses
name: time_peak
datatype: char ucd: time.phase
xtype: iso8601 utype: helio:time.time_peak
description: Time of the peak X-ray flux
name: time_end
datatype: char ucd: time.end
xtype: iso8601 utype: helio:time_period.time_end
description: The time that the X-ray event ends
name: lat_hg
datatype: float ucd: pos.bodyrc.lat;pos.heliographic
xtype: utype: helio:location.lat_hg
description: Heliographic latitude of x-ray flare from GOES location.
name: long_hg
datatype: float ucd: pos.bodyrc.long;pos.heliographic
xtype: utype: helio:location.long_hg
description: Heliographic longitude of x-ray flare from GOES location.
name: long_carr
datatype: float ucd: pos
xtype: utype: helio:location.long_carr
description: Carrington longitude of x-ray flare from GOES location.
name: xray_class
datatype: char ucd: meta.code.class;em.X-ray
xtype: utype: helio:flare.magnitude.xray_class
description: mportance of flare at X-ray wavelengths -- the peak flux measured at Earth in the 0.1 to 0.8 nm range in units of W m^-2. (See the 'X-ray Class' in the HEC glossary for the specification of this field)
name: r_hgi
datatype: float ucd: pos.bodyrc.alt;pos.heliocentric
xtype: utype: helio:location.r_hci
description: Distance of Ulysses from the Sun (AU).
name: lat_hgi
datatype: float ucd: pos.bodyrc.lat;pos.heliocentric
xtype: utype: helio:location.lat_hci
description: Solar latitude.
name: long_hgi
datatype: float ucd: pos.bodyrc.long;pos.heliocentric
xtype: utype: helio:location.long_err
description: Solar longitude
name: incr
datatype: char ucd: meta.code
xtype: utype:
description: Indicates whether the flare is seen as a count rate increase in the Ulysses data (Y) or not (N), or whether it is not known (?) due to missing telemetry or to a high background caused by in situ charged particles.
name: fsu_angle
datatype: float ucd: pos.phaseAng
xtype: utype:
description: Flare-Sun-Ulysses (F-S-U) angle.
name: countrate_peak
datatype: float ucd: phys.energy;stat.max;meta.number
xtype: utype: helio:flare.magnitude.hard_xray_quantifier.hard_xray_count
description: The peak count rate (non-normalized and corrected for rollover and dead time effects where necessary) measured by GRB during the event if seen.

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