name: hec_id
datatype: int ucd: meta.record
xtype: utype:
description: Event identification number (HEC internal number)
name: time_start
datatype: char ucd: time.start
xtype: iso8601 utype: helio:time_period.time_start
description: CME start time
name: time_end
datatype: char ucd: time.end
xtype: iso8601 utype: helio:time_period.time_end
description: CME end time.
name: lat_hgi
datatype: double ucd: pos.bodyrc.lat;pos.heliographic
xtype: utype: helio:location.lat_hgi
description: The spacecraft heliographic inertial (HGI) latitude at the beginning of the event.
name: long_hgi
datatype: double ucd: pos.bodyrc.long;pos.heliographic
xtype: utype: helio:location.long_hgi
description: The spacecraft heliographic inertial (HGI) longitude for the the day in which the event was identified.
name: r_hgi
datatype: double ucd: pos.bodyrc.alt;pos.heliographic
xtype: utype: helio:location.r_hgi
description: Ulysses-Sun radial distance using the heliographic inertial (HGI) coordinate system.
name: v_p
datatype: double ucd: phys.veloc
xtype: utype: helio:icme.velocity.v_proton
description: Average proton velocity within the event timeframe.
name: v_p_err
datatype: double ucd: phys.veloc;stat.error
xtype: utype: helio:icme.velocity.v_uncertainty_factor
description: Error in the average proton velocity.
name: b
datatype: double ucd: phys.magField;stat.mean
xtype: utype: helio:icme.plasma_magnetic_field_strength
description: Average total magnetic field strength of the plasma within the event timeframe.
name: b_err
datatype: double ucd: stat.error;phys.magField
xtype: utype: helio:icme.plasma_magnetic_field_strength_error
description: Error in the magnetic field strength.

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