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Information about the PEACE instruments on the Cluster and Double Star Missions remains up-to-date on this site. Please update your links accordingly



Cluster/Double Star Tools

Accessing PEACE  software from computer group managed desktops:

(when following this recipe, replace username with your username!)

"ls -a" will let you see the .tcshrc file, which is in your home directory (e.g., /disk/home/username)

You can edit it using a GUI text editor (e.g. Nedit) by typing the full path

/soft/soft3/plasma-Linux/2.6.18/nedit/bin/nedit .tcshrc

Include the following line in your .tcshrc file:

alias plasma "setenv MSSL_PLASMA_LINUX ; source /soft/soft3/plasma-Linux/tcsh-plasma ; cd /disk/plasma4/username"

Now, whenever you login, you'll need to type "plasma" before you will be able to see any of the plasma software.

To use the plasma software in your current shell, you will need to type "source .tcshrc" then "plasma" (instead of doing this you can logout/login then type "plasma").

Accessing Cluster data from other instruments (if you don't find it at CAA)

ANF is Co-I on Cluster FGM and CIS, and also most Double Star instruments, and CJO is also CoI on Cluster FGM.
We are not RAPID CoIs, but we have access to some software for plotting RAPID data (though we may need to request the data files via Chris Perry at RAL)

Therefore, at MSSL we have priveleged access to data plotting and analysis tools specific to these teams.  Details in how to use these tools in the MSSL environment are given at the links below. In order to respect the  rules of the FGM and CIS teams, these tools may only be used under the authorisation and responsibility of the CoIs.

Low energy electron instruments Cluster PEACE and Double Star PEACE:

for useful tools, including PEACEmoments, please go to PEACE

Magnetometer: Cluster and Double Star FGM

V1 How to use "for FGM CoIs Only" High Resolution Data: Cluster and Double Star (not TC-1)

V2 How to use "for FGM CoIs Only" High Resolution Data: Cluster and Double Star (not TC-1)

FGM Documents

FGM Website

Low energy ion instruments Cluster CIS (HIA and CODIF) and Double Star (HIA)

How to use "for CIS CoIs Only" High Resolution Data: Cluster and Double Star

CIS Documents

Cluster CIS Website (note CIS passwords available frrom ANF)

Double Star HIA Website (note CIS passwords available frrom ANF)

Medium energy ion and electron instruments Cluster RAPID (IIMS and IES)

How to use "for RAPID CoI Only" High Resolution Data

RAPID Documents

RAPID Website

RAPID WebPlots

RAPID-PEACE Team Meeting - August 2006


Cooling Model

Rob Fear has significantly developed the Cooling Model : developed by Brigid Cooling for her PhD thesis as an application of the Cowley Owen model of the forces on a newly reconected flux tube. 

    How to use the Cooling Model, as adapted by Rob Fear (to be completed)

AAR studies

    Plots can be accessed here.


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By Andrew Fazakerley

Last updated on  24-Oct-2008   by Andrew Fazakerley


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