A Potpourri of Solar Activity

Science Nugget: Oct 09, 1998

This week's Nugget will serve as a kind of review of previous nuggets, because the Sun provided new examples of several topics previously discussed.

Inter-region connecting loops: In the images below, long loops can clearly be seen to connect AR 8350 with active regions in the southern hemisphere. This reminds us of the Science Nuggets of 12-dec-97, 13-mar-98, and 29-may-98.


"S" shaped active regions: A few of the regions observed this week had the "sigmoid" shape characteristic of possible eruption sites. In particular, AR 8350 and AR 8349 appear to be somewhat sigmoidally shaped. Pertinent Science Nuggets would be 12-jun-98 and 19-jun-98.


Behind-the-limb CME: We were treated to a beautiful CME on 09-oct, which showed long stretches of plasma reaching up from behind the northeast limb; some images are below. The CME was also observed by Mauna Loa Solar Observatory. Recall the Science Nugget of 19-sep-98.


X-ray jet: An X-ray jet was noted in the images from 06-oct. This feature, appearing in the northwest, seemed to last for only a few hours. It reminds us of the Nuggets for 11-jul-98 and 08-aug-98


Filament cavity with a hot core: We've taken to calling these "chewy nougats", because they remind us of the filling in a candy bar. A filament arcade with hot material running along the core of the filament channel is a difficult thing to describe, but SXT has seen many of these now. This week a "chewy nougat" was found on the northwest limb, most visible on 07-oct (see image below). Weekly Science Nuggets related to this topic include 20-mar-98 and 22-may-98.


Flare ejecta: The flare of 07-oct (see movie below) cast off some hot material, which SXT was able to see. The ejected matter is presumably very hot, although temperature measurements are challenging. For some other examples of flares with ejecta, see the Nuggets of 14-nov-97, 08-may-98, 22-aug-98, and 05-sep-98.


An exciting week! What lies in store for us?

Oct. 10, 1998: D. E. McKenzie (email mckenzie@isass0.solar.isas.ac.jp)