Instrument Data Available at the YDAC


A complete set of data from all the Yohkoh instruments are held at the YDAC. The Yohkoh instrument data files comprise:
    BDA  -  BCS Reformatted Data          
    HDA  -  HXT Reformatted Data          
    SFR  -  SXT FFI Reformatted Data (full-frame images)      
    SPR  -  SXT PFI Reformatted Data (partial-frame images) 
    WDA  -  WBS Reformatted Data          
The Yohkoh data are distributed on CD; until recently the data were distributed on Exabyte tape and transfered to CD-ROM at the YDAC to make the data more accessible. Most of the Yohkoh data are now available on-line, either on CD or hard-disk, and can be accessed through the YDAC Data Request Form. The current status of what is available can be found by following the link.

In addition, recent Yohkoh data are mirrored from ISAS to MSSL. The last 50 days are held on-line.

Instrument data files for all larger flares observed by Yohkoh are also held on-line. These /fdat directories are mirrors of directories at ISAS and contain data for several hundred flares.

All but the most recent 12 months of Yohkoh data are in the public domain and can be made available on request. More recent data is subject the the YDAC Data Policy and can only be used by investigators involved in a collaboration with a member of the Yohkoh Team.

YDAC Data Request Form


A complete set of TRACE data are available. The most recent 30 days and other selected datasets are on-line; other data is currently on DDS3 tape, but will be transferred to disk in the future. These data are available on request and are in the public domain.

Updated: 22 October, 1999