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Information about the PEACE instruments on the Cluster and Double Star Missions remains up-to-date on this site. Please update your links accordingly



UK scientists have been awarded £ 3.65m to prepare for the three missions currently competing in ESA's Cosmic Visions programme. The Space Plasma Group will share in this award through leading the development of the Solar Wind Analyser (SWA) instrument for Solar Orbiter, lead by Prof. Chris Owen. More details available here.


Dr. Colin Forsyth, along with Dr. Lucie Green (MSSL), Dr. David Williams (MSSL) and Dr. Jim Wild (Lancaster), organised a meeting on The Next Generation of UK Space Exploration at the RAS. The meeting covered potential new missions in heliophysics (solar physics, solar-terrestrial physics, planetary science). Prof. Chris Owen, Dr. Andrew Fazakerley and Mr. Dhirren Kataria gave talks on potential upcoming missions to study the dayside magnetosphere and aurora, as well as opportunities for international collaborations.


Dr. Colin Forsyth was interviewed for an article in this month's Sky At Night Magazine on new studies of the aurora using Cluster.


As Principal Investigator of the Solar Wind Analyser Consortium, Prof. Chris Owen attended the Solar Orbiter Programme Readiness Review at ESA HQ in Paris.


Dr. Andrew Fazakerley and Dr. Natasha Doss attended the 19th Cluster Workshop in Poiana Brasov, Romania. The workshop was entitled "Multi-point Investigations of Magnetosphere - Ionosphere Coupling and Aurora". Dr. Fazakerley gave an invited talk on "Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling of BBFs" on behalf of Dr. Colin Forsyth, who was unable to attend due to the volcanic ash cloud. Dr. Fazakerley also presented a poster on a potential future auroral mission on behalf of Prof. Mark Lester (University of Leicester).


As Principal Investigator of the Solar Wind Analyser Consortium, Prof. Chris Owen attended a meeting of the Solar Orbiter In Situ Working Group at ESTEC to discuss the coordinated operation of the relevant package of Solar Orbiter instrumentation.


Several members of the Space Plasma Group attended the National Astronomy Meeting in Glasgow. Dr. Colin Forsyth, Dr. Andrew Fazakerley and Dr. Andrew Walsh, along with Dr. Matt Taylor (ESA) and Dr. Elizabeth Lucek (Imperial), organised a session entitled "10 years of Cluster: the Past, Present and Future of Multi-point Measurements of Space Plasmas". Dr. Fazakerley, along with Dr. Adrian Grocott (Leicester) and Dr. Emma Woodfield (Lancaster), organised two General MIST sessions. Dr. Forsyth, along with Dr. David Williams and Prof. Louise Harra (MSSL), organised the joint UKSP/MIST Missions Forum. Kimberley Steed, along with Dr. Jackie Davies, Prof. Richard Harrison and Dr. Chris Davis (RAL), organised a session entitled "Solar Influences in the Heliosphere".
Oral presentations were given by Roger Duthie, Colin Forsyth and Andrew Walsh. Kimberley Steed gave a poster presentation. also organised the


Dr. Colin Forsyth and Dr. Andrew Walsh attended the 10th International Conference on Substorms in San Luis Obispo, California. Dr. Forsyth gave an oral presentation entitled "A Statistical Study of Field-aligned Currents in Bursty Bulk Flows Observed by Cluster". Dr Walsh gave an oral presentation entitled "Ground and Multi-Spacecraft Observations of Substorm Current Wedge Formation and Substorm Development".


Dr. Colin Forsyth and Dr. Andrew Walsh visited the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Dr. Forsyth gave a seminar entitled "Multi-spacecraft observations of auroral electron acceleration by Cluster". Dr Walsh gave an oral presentation entitled "Cluster and Double Star Observations of Magnetotail Transients".


As Principal Investigator of the Solar Wind Analyser Consortium, Prof. Chris Owen attended the 3rd Meeting of the Solar Orbiter Science Working Team at the Paris Observatory.


Prof. Chris Owen attended the preparation sessions and the formal presentation of the 6 medium ("M") mission concepts at the Institut Oceanographique, Paris. These missions were original proposed in 2007 for the first slice of the Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 Plan for the ESA Science Programme and are candidates for a launch in 2017 and 2018. Details of the six mission concepts (Cross Scale, Euclid, Marco Polo, Plato, Solar Orbiter, SPICA) are available at http://sci.esa.int/cosmicvision.


Several members of the space plasma physics group attended the Autumn MIST meeting, held at the Royal Astronomical Society. Andrew Walsh and Colin Forsyth presented posters on their current work on substorms and bursty bulk flows. Colin organised the meeting on behalf of the MIST council and Andrew chaired the last session of the day.


MSSL hosted a delegation from ESA and members of the Solar Orbiter Mission Solar Wind Analyser (SWA) Consortium (for which MSSL is the Principal Investigator Institution) for the 'Instrument Development Status Review (IDSR)'. ESA declared the result of the review as 'successful'.


Colin Forsyth gave careers talks to 16-18 year old students at the National Space Centre's CareersFest 2009. The CareersFest gave aimed to show the students the breadth of opportunities in the UK space technology and research industries.


The SPG welcomes Roger Duthie to the group. Roger is a PhD student, supervised by Andrew Fazakerley, who will be investigating the magnetosphere using data from the Cluster spacecraft.


The SPG bids farewell to Sandrine Grimald. Sandrine is leaving us to take up a research position at the CESR in Toulouse. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours.


The SPG welcomes Dr. Yulia Bogdanova to the group. Yulia is working in the Cluster PEACE Operations Team.


Andrew Fazakerley, Colin Forsyth and Andrew Walsh attended the RAS Discussion Meeting on the upcoming SWARM mission, held at Burlington House. Andrew Fazakerley gave an invited talk on highlights from the Cluster mission, the mission extension and possible cross-overs between Cluster and SWARM.


The Dean of the UCL MAPS Faculty, Professor Richard Catlow visited UCL/MSSL and held discussions with the Academic Staff Group.


Chris Owen, Dhiren Kataria, Barry Hancock and Chris Brockley-Blatt attended and led, as the Principal Investigator team, a full meeting of the international consortium which will provide the Solar Wind Analyser suite of instruments for Solar Orbiter. The meeting was held at IFSI, in Frascati, Italy.


Chris Owen lectured on 'The Terrestrial Magnetosphere' to the STFC Solar-Terrestrial Physics Summer School held at UCL and UCL/MSSL, 13-18 September 2009.


Colin Forsyth participated in the first meeting of the ISSI International Team on A statistical investigation into coupled magnetospheric-ionospheric dynamics via multi-scale, multi-instrument, data assimilation.


Branislav Mihaljcic, Iryna Rozum and Andrew Walsh attended the Double Star - Cluster workshop and IWT/SWT in Qingdao, China. Branislav and Iryna gave presentations on the status of the calibration and archiving of data from the PEACE instruments on Double Star. Andrew presented a case study of a substorm that combines data from both Cluster and Double Star.


Andrew Walsh attended the 11th IAGA assembly in Sopron, Hungary and gave an invited talk on "Recent Substorm Results from Combined Cluster and Double Star Measurements".


Chris Owen attended the second meeting of the ISSI International Team on "Advances in understanding of the structure and dynamics of magnetic flux transfer at the Earth's magnetopause".


Congratulations to (Dr.) Andrew Walsh, who successfully defended his thesis today. Andrew now joins the group as a post-doctoral researcher.


Chris Owen, Kinberley Steed and Chuan Li attended and presented posters at the 12th Solar Wind Conference in St. Malo, France.


Chris Owen and Andrew Fazakerley attended a meeting of the Cross-Scale Science Study Team at ESTEC, which included presentations of the results of the industrial studies for this mission, which is a candidate mission in ESA's Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 programme.


Chris Owen attended the 3rd Solar Orbiter Workshop in Sorrento, Italy. As Principal Investigator of the Solar Orbiter Solar Wind Analyser (SWA) Suite of instruments, he presented, on behalf of all co-Investigators, a talk entitled 'Solar Wind Plasma Particles - Solar Origin and In Situ Microstate' which discussed the scientific goals and plans of the consortium. The workshop website can be found at href='http://solarorbiter3.oato.inaf.it/.

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