General Informations


The Lecture Theatre is equipped with standard audio-visual equipment and
laptop projectors. If you require any additional support please contact
the LOC. Since we will have a very intense schedule, we plan to upload all
presentations in a single laptop, before each session.

We therefore ask you to bring either a pen-drive or a cd with your presentation, and
to contact the chairman of your session or the organisers well in
advance. If you think you will be able to ftp us the presentation in
advance please contact the soc, since this may be extremely useful.

Please use a filename that easily allows us to identify your presentation (e.g.  yoursurname.ppt)

The chairpersons for the sessions of the first two days will be:

Monday morning   session 1  R. Turolla/S. Zane
Monday morning   session 2  S. Mereghetti
Monday afternoon session 3  V. Kaspi
Monday afternoon session 4  GL. Israel
Tuesday morning  session 5  L. Stella
Tuesady morning  session 6  J. Heyl

The chairman of the remaining  sessions will be decided during the meeting.

Note that the duration of the oral contributions includes some time for questions:
20' talks : 15' + 5' questions
30' talks: 25'+ 5' questions


The poster panels will accommodate 90cm x 90cm size or smaller poster, and
we plan two poster sessions lasting half week each.

You have been allocated a number ranging from A1-A23 or B1-B21 (visible in the poster
session programme in the web). This number will mark your allocated
place in the poster boards, so make a note of it. Posters of the first
session can be affixed since Monday MORNING, while those of the second
session can be affixed since Wed lunch time. Please make sure that you remove
your poster at the end of your session.