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Planetary Science Group Members

Name        Email Telephone Job Description
Academic Staff
Andrew Coates ajc [at] 01483 204145 Professor, Head of Planetary Science Group


Advanced Fellow
Geraint Jones ghj [at] 01483 204263 STFC Advanced Fellow


Postdoctoral Fellow
Chris Arridge csa [at] 01483 204150 STFC Postdoctoral Fellow


Research Staff
Adam Masters am2 [at] 01483 204144 Research Fellow


Marta Entradas m.entradas [at] 01483 204100 PhD student (Joint student with UCL Dept. of Science and Technology Studies)
Sheila Kanani sk2 [at] 01483 204142 PhD student
Tom Nordheim tan2 [at] 01483 204924 PhD student
Yudish Ramanjooloo yr2 [at] 01483 204193 PhD student
Sharon Tsang smew [at] 01483 204144 PhD student
Anne Wellbrock aw [at] 01483 204244 PhD student (joint student with UCL Dept. of Physics and Astronomy)

Planetary Operations

Lin Gilbert lkg [at] 01483 204299 Operations software specialist
Craig Leff cel [at] 01483 204243 Pancam Project Manager
Gethyn Lewis grl [at] 01483 204144 Cassini Operations Manager
Neville Shane nss [at] 01483 204220 Venus Express Operations Manager

Stereo Camera

Andrew Griffiths adg [at] 01483 204288 ExoMars PanCam Instrument Scientist
Prof Jan-Peter Muller jpm [at] 01483 204151 Stereo Camera Scientist

Former Group

Nicolas Andre Now at CESR, France.
Sandrine Grimald Now at CESR, France.
Hazel McAndrews
Abigail Rymer Now at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, USA.
Yasir Soobiah

Summer students

The planetary science group at MSSL offers students looking for work experience the chance to come and work in this exciting and dynamic environment.

10 May 2011
Chris Arridge
csa [at]