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The MSSL Planetary Science group have or have had involvement in a large number of space flight missions, either by providing instrumentation or by participating in the analysis of the scientific data returned. The mission list is provided here in reverse chronological order, Future, Present and Past.


ExoMars - the first ESA Aurora flagship mission (launch 2013)


Venus Express - ESA Venus orbiter (launch 9th November 2005)

Rosetta - ESA's mission to fly with a comet, and land, as the tail develops (launch 2 March 2004)

Mars Express - ESA's Mars orbiter (launch 2 June 2003)

Cassini - a joint NASA-ESA mission to Saturn (October 15th 1997 - present)


Beagle 2 - Britain's mission to search for life on Mars (launch June 2003)

Giotto - ESA's mission to comets Halley and Grigg-Skjellerup (1985 - 1992)

Mars 96 - lost following the failure of the final stage of the Proton launcher in November 1996

8th January 2007
Andrew Coates