MSSL Basic User Notes

See also the MSSL FAQ-O-MATIC

redball 0An Introduction to UNIX.
redball 1Anaconda, a user installable Python on Linux.
redball 4CD/DVD burning with Linux
redball 9Introduction to fvwm (beta version).
redball 10An Introduction to Emacs (beta version).
redball 11Transferring files.
redball 12Frequently Asked Questions (beta version).
redball 13 MSSL Modem service:   Windows   Linux   Macintosh
redball 15Moving your mail from VMS to UNIX - the UNIX way
redball 16Moving your mail from VMS to UNIX - the VMS way
redball 17 MAIL - Using the UCL Live@UCL service
redball 17a OLD MSSL MAIL service - Using the IMAP mail server (Encrypted)
redball 17b OLD MSSL MAIL service - Converting to encrypted, authenticated mail at MSSL
redball 17c OLD MSSL MAIL service - Managing your emails
redball 18Servers, etc. for the main MSSL site
redball 21Using the MSSL site web and ftp server
redball 22Viruses Demystified (courtesy of Sophos)
redball 23Changing Window Manager on Linux
redball 24Installation of a Windows XP system at MSSL
redball 25Windows XP security updates
redball 26The MSSL Certification Authority
redball 27 Windows 7 Activation (PDF)
redball 28 Licence server environment variables for IDL, ENVI & ARCGIS
redball 29 HOWTO - Install a network printer
redball 30 HOWTO - Install Windows 7