The data archive

For users who do not hold the CDS data archive is it possible to search through an IDL variable which contains the fits headers to find data which can then be requested.

Right click on the relevant save file. These files are around 1Mb in size.

Year IDL save fileIDl variable name
1996 cat96
1997 cat97
1998 cat98
1999 cat99
2000 cat00
2001 cat01
2002 cat02
2003 cat03
2004 cat04
2005 cat05

The above save files have been created through the IDL procedure headcat. For example:

IDL> headcat, cat96, year=1996

They can be gunzipped and then restored into an IDL session via:

IDL> restore, filename=''

For information on the tags within the structure type:

IDL> help, cat96, /str

To find out the science target of each observation print or search through cat96.SCI_OBJ. For example:

IDL> ss = where (cat96.SCI_OBJ eq 'Synoptic Meridian Images')

or through:

IDL> print, cat96(0).object

The CDS study title can be found via

IDL> print, cat96.SCI_SPEC

Once you have found in the catalog some data that you would like to obtain, go to the Solar UK Research Facility to request them.

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