Sp12-EWASS 2013

Special Session 12
A fresh look at the stellar IMF

This one-day special session will be devoted to the latest observational and theoretical constraints on the stellar initial mass function (IMF), with emphasis on the integrated IMF throughout the stellar populations of a galaxy. Recent advances on spectroscopic and dynamical constraints of the IMF have revealed a systematic change with respect to galaxy mass, with important implications in several areas of astrophysics: Does this trend reveal a qualitatively different mode of star formation andfeedback in massive galaxies?; How does it affect the stellar mass function of galaxies?, Do changes in the IMF imply a revision of the DM contribution in the central regions of galaxies?
In this meeting, we will bring together observers and theorists focussing both on the "microphysics" of the IMF over stellar scales, and the "large scale" trends found in the unresolved stellar populations over galaxy scales. The meeting will surely stimulate interactions and collaborations across these different areas. Points to be covered will include:

  + Observational estimates of the IMF, both over small and large scales, from spectroscopic, dynamical, and lensing data.

  + Modelling the IMF: including both phenomenological and ab initio simulations.

  + Stellar population synthesis as a method to constrain the IMF of unresolved stellar populations.

Note that abstract submission and registration has to be done through the general EWASS 2013 web page (link above).

Session Organisers

Ignacio Ferreras (University College London, UK)
Francesco La Barbera (INAF-OAC, Naples, Italy)
Alexandre Vazdekis (IAC, Spain)

Sp12-EWASS2013, Turku, Finland, 11-12 July 2013