Welcome !

Presently I work on the calibration of the Swift UVOT, where all major items of the calibration of the UVOT grisms has been completed. Further calibration progress is desirable on a number of items for the grisms, which include solving the problem of a consistent aspect solution based on the grism image itself, and a possible correction of the first order spectrum for the second order contamination. However, there is a large backlog of grism spectra taken in the past 10 years, there is much science left to be done with them, so I will be working with collegues to do just that.

For more details, consult the Swift UVOT grism web pages.

My interests focus only weakly on a specific kind of astronomical object because I find the physics of the processes of energetic events fascinating. And thus I have studied a range of objects.

Besides the science, I have always felt that a contribution to the infrastructure of science is important. That has taken the form of advocating a discovery service for science data (Master Directory (1990-1992), managing and reorganisation of the Astronomical Data Center at NASA Goddard (1993), working on the development of several Earth remote rensing missions (1994-2003) which hopefully contributes to solve the climate crisis, and in-flight instrument calibration (SoHO GIS, 2005-2006; Swift UVOT 2007-).