The images below show the correct way to clean an item using cleanroom wipes and solvent.

1. Take a polyester cleanroom wipe and hold it by its edges as shown above 2. Fold the wiper in half
3. Fold the wiper in half again as shown 4. Apply cleaning detergent or solvent to the wiper. Ensure that wiper and wash bottle do not come into contact with each other. This will minimise cross contamination of solvent.
5. Start the cleaning action by bringing down wiper onto surface to be cleaned with the front of the wiper held upward as shown and the whole part of the hand pressing down firmly in a parallel orientation to the wiper. 6. Wipe across the surface of the item to be cleaned in a positive motion. At the end of the wipe, lift the wiper away from the surface as shown with the back end of the hand lifting off the surface last. Turn the wiper around so that a "clean" face is facing the item to be cleaned and wipe accros the next section of un-wiped surface as was done previously.
7. Once both sides of wiper has been used turn the wiper over so that both the "dirty" sides face each other and clean the next bit of un-cleaned surface as per above instructions. 8. Follow the same procedure as above points wiping across surface in a positive manner.
10. Once you have done wiping twice each side, replace wiper with a new one and follow the procedures as described above. The important thing to remember is that the wiping action must be done in straight lines across surface to be cleaned and not in circular motions. At the end of each wipe lift wiper off the surface completely and only wipe across surface twice with each side of wiper (8 wipe actions per wiper)
9. Wipe across surface as per instructions above and lift wiper cleanly away from surface at end of wipe. Turn the wiper around so that the clean face is now facing the surface to be cleaned and redo the actions specified above. 11. While wiping a surface try to view the surface at a 5° to 10° angle with a dark back ground if it is possible. If you see any particles on the surface then repeat above procedure.


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