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Following the recognition that development of space flight software is a discipline quite distinct from that of data analysis software, and that an increasing number of flight hardware projects include a major element of onboard software, a laboratory wide flight software engineering group was established at MSSL at the end of 1992. The purpose of the group is to maintain and improve the quality of flight software, Mission Performance Simulator (MPS), Electrical Ground Support Equipment (EGSE) and test software via a coordinated and structured approach. Since then the group has supported flight, MPS, EGSE and test software developments for the following space projects:
Space AgencyMissionInstrumentStatus
ESA Gaia Data Centre Currently operational
ESA / NASA Astrogrid 3 VO Currently operational
ESA XMM OM Operational support
ESA XMM RGS Operational support
NASA SWIFT UVOT Operational support
JAXA (ISAS) Hinode EIS Operational support
NASA NIRSpec CLS Currently operational
NASA NIRSpec SHD Currently operational
ESA ExoMars PanCam and AEP/UVIS Launch in 2018
ESA PRISM APEX Currently operational
ESA XMM SSC Science catalogue
NASA Cassini ELS Operational support
ESA CryoSat-2 IPF2 Launch in 2010
ESA CryoSat-2 Cryosat mission simulator (CRYMPS) Launch in 2010
ESA ENVISAT RA2 Operational support and QA
ESA GLOBICE DUE Currently operational
ESA Sentinel-3 Level 2 Products and Algorithms Launch in 2012
ESA ERS-2 WAP-QA Currently operational
ESA ERS Altimetry Reprocessing (REAPER) Currently operational
ESA INTEGRAL OMC Successful launch in 2002
ESA Cluster II PEACE Currently operational
ESA / NASA SOHO CDS Successful launch in 1995

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