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Data Access

 Cluster Active Archive

The Cluster Active Archive which is being created over a period of several years to host all data from the Cluster mission in the best possible state of calibration, and in scientific units. The data is freely accessible, once it has been ingested by the CAA. The data may be revised as calibrations improve, hence the "active" concept.

Lineplots: Recommended Approach to Plotting Data From Four Cluster Spacecraft

 Cluster Science Data System

Comprehensive "Rules of Use" Statement for Cluster CSDS Data

Cautions Regarding Use of  PEACE Moments Data at the CSDS Data Centres

Access to CSDS Cluster Data at the UK Data Centre (including orbit predictions)

 PEACE "High Resolution" Data

Access to PEACE High Resolution Data: 

(i) The data you require may be available via the Cluster Active Archive

(ii) If not, please address your request to the PI directly (A Fazakerley, email address below) or through a PEACE Co-Investigator

Cautions Regarding Use of PEACE High Resolution Data

Record of PEACE High Resolution Data Usage and User (development on hold)

Password Protected: Cluster PEACE High Resolution Data System at SwRI

Password Protected: Cluster PEACE High Resolution Data Access at MSSL

Library of SDDAS Layouts Suitable for Use with PEACE Data

Documentation for Moments Code in Development

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