Procedure for entering the Cleanroom

Please read the graphical guide to correct gowning procedures then read the rest of this document


MSSL cleanroom users must note that all external visitors must be accompanied by MSSL personnel when making use of the cleanroom. It is recommended that prior to the visit the cleanroom manager is informed, with the following information:

  • Date of visit
  • Duration of cleanroom use
  • List of equipment required including equipment/tooling that the visitor will bring into the cleanroom
  • MSSL person responsible for visitor

If the visitor has no or little experience of cleanrooms and procedures, the cleanroom manager must be informed. A walk through of procedures will then be arranged with the visitor at the time of arrival.

If you are a visitor, please advise the cleanroom manager you will then be assigned a temporary overall. It is preferable to arrange this before your visit. If you are a regular user, you will be assigned a specific overall and location in which to keep your cleanroom items.


The fabric of the overall is relatively fragile. Take caution not to tear the garment during the gowning procedure and while working in the Lab. If any tears occur, immediately return to the gowning area to obtain a new overall from the Cleanroom manager. If articles of clothing beneath the gown need to be removed, do this in the gowning area only. It is recommended that static producing sweaters are removed before entering the cleanroom.


This document describes the correct procedure for Gowning and the proper protocol for general Cleanroom access. Cleanroom anti static overalls are required for all personnel in the cleanroom at all times. These overalls are effective at containing contamination originating from clothing and skin. In general, one gowns from the head down and de-gowns from the feet up.
A limited number of coats or sweaters can be hung on the wall mounted coat rack outside the cleanroom, so preference is for you to find another location outside the Anteroom to store your coats/book bags
    • The cleanroom has an electronic keypad door lock. Enter the correct keycode for access to the cleanroom. Access to the keycode is only given to cleanroom users that have been on the cleanrooom training course. In the case of vistors access can only be obtained if escorted by M.S.S.L cleanroom users.
    • Upon entering the pre Anteroom area, wipe the soles of your shoes on the red coloured matting located just outside of the doors.
    • Push door open and sit on the step over bench in front of the Anteroom entrance.
    • Sign in using sign in book located on step over bench.
    • Remove the blue coloured under shoes located on the racks to the left of the bench. Put the blue coloured under shoe on one at a time ensuring that as you put one on to put your foot down on the Anteroom side of the bench.
    • Do the same for the other foot.
    • Before moving on into the Anteroom ensure that the main entrance doors to the Cleanroom are not open. (the Anteroom doors and the Cleanroom entrance doors should not be opened at the same time. If this occurs and audible and visual alarm will sound). Please read what can and cannot be taken into the cleanroom here.
    • Remove a mask from the dispenser and ensure it is fitted correctly.
    • Remove hood from the your personal garment container and place it over your head. Please ensure that all your hair is tucked in under the hood. If you have facial hair use one of the beard covers/masks provided in the dispensers.
    • Adjust hood if necessary with the press fit studs.
    • Remove a pair of cleanroom Nitrile gloves from dispensers provided and fit correctly ensuring that you do not touch the palm or finger areas of the gloves with your bare hands.
    • Remove overall from your personal garment containers (regular users) or if you are a visitor an overall will be issued to you in protective plastic packaging, remove from packaging. Cut packaging with siccors provided. Do not tear.
    • Unzip the suit and climb into it, making sure that the overall upper body area (particularly the sleeves) does not touch the floor.
    • Zip the suit all the way to the top. Ensure hood is tucked in underneath the overall
    • Remove a set of shoe covers (White soled knee length over shoes), visitors will be issued with a pair of overshoes before entering cleanroom. Sit on the bench and place the booties over the blue coloured over shoes.
    • At this stage it is advisable that you dispose of the gloves used to dress up in.
    • If you require ESD wrist straps, place these on your wrist now. The wrist strap should be placed over the cleanroom coverall sleeve and not directly onto your skin. (The cleanroom coveralls have conductive carbon grids, spaced at 5mm intervals)
    • Take a pair of fresh gloves and pull these over the wrist strap and coverall sleeves
    • Collect all items that you plan to take into the cleanroom only after they have been thoroughly cleaned as defined in the relevent Cleanroom Operating Procedures.
    • Before opening the interior cleanroom door step on the Sticky mat located in front of the swing door, ensuring you take a few baby steps to remove any contamination from the soles of your booties.
    • Step directly into the Cleanroom quickly and completely allowing for the door to close behind you. Do not block or hold the door open for the next person.




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