Space weather Operational Airline Risks Service (SOARS)
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Terms of Use of SOARS

The Space weather Operational Airline Risks Service (SOARS) is one of Service Development Activities (SDA) that form part of ESA's Space Weather Applications Pilot Project - for more details see SWENET [Terms of Use]. The objective of SOARS is to review the effects of space weather on the aviation industry and demonstrate a service that could be used by the industry to mitigate the effects of space weather.


Many of the plots and information displayed on these pages use space weather data are provided by NOAA/SEC, accessed directly or through SWENET.

On the "SatCom & SatNav" page, the global TEC map is produced by JPL and the scintillation map is generated by SOARS using data from another SDA, the Ionospheric Scintillation Monitoring Service, provided by CLS.

The Estimated Kp Index used on the 3 panel plots on the "Space Weather Summary" page (and other pages) is retrieved from the Regional Warning Center for Sweden in Lund; historical Kp data are retrieved from NOAA/SEC. The latest SOHO images are from ESA/NASA at NASA-GSFC.

Other data used are from the Austrailian Ionospheric Prediction Service (IPS), the Solar Influences Data Analysis Center (SIDC, the Regional Warning Center for Belgium) and Space Weather Canada (the Regional Warning Centre for Canada).

R.D. Bentley. UCL-MSSL

These pages have been developed by R.D. Bentley and N. Ching, UCL-MSSL

SOARS (the Space weather Operations Airline Risk Service) is a Service Development Activity (SDA) of ESA's Space Weather Applications Pilot Projects and is co-funded by ESA and groups working on the Project. It is led by the Mullard Space Science Laboratory of University College London (UCL-MSSL) and involves Virgin Atlantic Airways (VAA), ESYS Ltd., QinetiQ Ltd., the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and the UK Meteorological Office. SOARS was developed from an idea of Bryn Jones (VAA/UCL-MSSL).