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In links below, we provide archival versions of the presentations given at MSSL's workshop / forum on “ An Inter-disciplinary Forum on Magnetospheric Activities in Moons, Planets, Stars and Black Holes. ” (18 – 20 September 2007).

Tuesday 18 Sep
Extreme Magnetic Field Generation — large-scale fields in the universe Kinwah Wu
Superstrong magnetic fields in neutron stars [movie] Silvia Zane
Currents Tom Hill
Magnetic Reconnection
(with emphasis on the manifestations of this fundamental plasma process in the Earth's magnetosphere).
Chris Owen
Shocks David Burgess
Wednesday 19 Sep
Collisional vs Collisionless Processes
(an astrophysical perspective)
Zdenka Kuncic
Wave-Particle Interactions in the Radiation Belts of Earth and Jupiter Richard Horne
Particle acceleration Julian Pittard
Particle Acceleration in Cosmic Plasmas Gary Zank
Thursday 20 Sep
Neutral / Plasma Interactions (in a magnetosphere) Bob Johnson
Mass loading Andrew Coates
GR MHD and GR PIC simulations [movie1] [2] Ken Nishikawa
Extreme magnetospheres: planets, magnetars, GRB, black holes, jets Wolfgang Kundt
Short Talks
Jovian and kronian ring currents Chris Arridge
X-ray aurorae on Jupiter as probes of particle acceleration in the magnetosphere Graziella Branduardi-Raymont
The Tetraneutron Vladimir Yershov

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