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On Wednesday mornings, once a fortnight, we meet at 11:30 (unless otherwise stated) for a journal club. The location for each meeting will be announced beforehand.

Attendees bring interesting papers, and a brief introduction is given to the Journal Club. Each paper presentation is then followed by discussion. The entire event should take one hour. The papers could be anything published in the last year in astrophysics, related science and relevant to astronomy.

We encourage MSSL astronomers and astrophysicists to come to Journal Club for a discussion on recent research. Please contact Idunn Jacobsen (ibj2) with suggested papers, or for other JC queries. Links to suggested and discussed papers will be added below.

Calendar 2014
Date Title
19 Feb
Ariel House 1
Population III Hypernovae
 (Smidt et al., 2014, arXiv:1401.5837v1)
The prompt-early afterglow connection in gamma-ray bursts: implications for the early afterglow physics
 (Hascoet, Daigne & Mochkovitch, 2014, MNRAS submitted, arXiv:1401.0751v1)
Phenomenology of Reverse-Shock Emission in the Optical Afterglows of Gamma Ray Bursts
 (Japelj et al. 2014, ApJ accepted, arXiv:1402.3701v1)
New light on gamma-ray burst host galaxies with Herschel
 (Hunt et al. 2014, A&A accepted, arXiv:1402.4006)
5 Mar
Ariel House 1
Magnetic Field and Faraday Rotation Measure in the Turbulent Warm Ionized Medium
 (Wu, Kim & Ryu, 2014, New Astronomy accepted, arXiv:1402.7167)
Estimation of Magnetic Field Strength in the Turbulent Warm Ionized Medium
 (Wu et al, 2009, ApJ accepted, 2009ApJ...705L..86W)
A comment on "Exclusion of the remaining mass window for primordial black holes ...", arXiv:1401.3025
 (Capela, Pshirkov & Tinyakov, 2014, arXiv:1402.4671)
Exclusion of the remaining mass window for primordial black holes as the dominant constituent of dark matter
 (Pani & Loeb, 2014, JCAP submitted (v2), arXiv:1401.3025)
A novel method to bracket the corotation radius in galaxy disks: vertex deviation maps
 (Roca-F├ábrega et al, 2014, arXiv:1401.4191)
19 Mar
Ariel House 1
ATLAS lifts the Cup: Discovery of a New Milky Way satellite in Crater
 (Belokurov et al, 2014, MNRAS submitted, arXiv:1403.3406)
Discovery of a cold stellar stream in the ATLAS DR1 data
 (Kopsov et al, 2014, MNRAS letters submitted, arXiv:1403.3409)
Transient spirals as superposed instabilities
 (Sellwood & Carlberg, 2014, ApJ accepted, arXiv:1403.1135)
2 Apr
Ariel House
The Hadronic Origin of the Hard Gamma-Ray Spectrum from Blazar 1ES 1101-232
 (Cao & Wang, 2014, ApJ accepted, 2014ApJ...783..108C)
Can primordial magnetic fields be the origin of the BICEP2 data?
 (Bonvin, Durrer & Maartens, 2014, arXiv:1403.6768)
The ACS LCID project. X. The Star Formation History of IC 1613: Revisiting the Over-Cooling Problem
 (Skillman et al, 2014, ApJ accepted, arXiv:1403.4609)
16 Apr
Ariel House 1

~~~~ Easter break ~~~~

30 Apr
Ariel House 1
14 May
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28 May
Ariel House 1
11 June
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25 June
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9 July
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23 July
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6 Aug
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20 Aug
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3 Sept
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17 Sept
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1 Oct
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15 Oct
Ariel House 1
29 Oct
Ariel House 1
12 Nov
Ariel House 1
26 Nov
Ariel House 1
10 Dec
Ariel House 1

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