Astronomy Journal Club

On Wednesday mornings, once a fortnight, we meet at 11:30 (unless otherwise stated) for a journal club. The location for each meeting will be announced beforehand.

Each paper presentation should be 20 minutes long, followed by discussion. The papers can be on anything you like, so long as it is of interest in some way to astronomers. A few papers have been suggested by members.

We encourage members of the astro group to join the rota for giving talks. The current list includes: Carlos Allende Prieto, Graziella Branduardi-Raymont, Ignacio Ferreras, Daisuke Kawata, Missagh Mehdipour, Curtis Saxton, Patricia Schady, Nicholas Seymour, Rebecca Smith, Roberto Soria, Myrto Symeonidis, Dave Vande Putte, Vladimir Yershov, Kinwah Wu, Silvia Zane, Houri Ziaeepour.

Contact CJS2 if you would like to join the rota, or have any other queries.

Calendar 2008
Date Title Speaker
09 Jan
Ariel House
Paleontological tests: human-like intelligence is not a convergent feature of evolution
(C. Lineweaver, arxiv/0711.1751)
Rebecca Smith
23 Jan
Ariel House
Colliders and cosmology (K. A. Olive, arXiv/0709.3303);
Collider physics and cosmology (J. L. Feng, arXiv/0801.1334);
LHC physics and cosmology (N. E. Mavromatos, arXiv/0708.0134)
Houri Ziaeepour
06 Feb
A Keck survey for gravitationally lensed Ly-alpha emitters in the redshift range 8.5<z<10.4: new constraints on the contribution of low-luminosity sources to cosmic reionisation
(Daniel P. Stark et al., 2007, ApJ 663, 10)
Patricia Schady
20 Feb
Extent of pollution in planet-bearing stars
(Li, Lin & Liu, arXiv:0802.2359)
Curtis Saxton
05 Mar
Common Room
Merger histories of galaxy halos and implications for disk survival
(Stewart et al., ApJ, arXiv:0711.5027)
Ignacio Ferreras
19 Mar
Discovery of a giant stellar tidal stream around the disk galaxy NGC4013
(D. Martinez-Delgado, arXiv:0801.4657)
Dave Vande Putte
02 Apr
[...Recess for National Astronomy Meeting...]
16 Apr
Supermassive Black Holes and Their Environments
(Colberg & Di Matteo, MNRAS accepted, arXiv:0804.1756)
Myrto Symeonidis
30 Apr
[...Recess for inauguration of Nu Building...]
21 May
Ariel House
Discovery of a relationship between spiral arm morphology and supermassive black hole mass in disk galaxies
(Seigar et al. 2008, arXiv:0804.0773)
Kinwah Wu
28 May
• Galaxy Size Problem at z=3: Simulated Galaxies Are Too Small
(Joung et al. arXiv:0805.3150)
•Are galaxies extending? (Lee arXiv:0805.2877)
Curtis Saxton
11 Jun
Star Formation in NGC 5194 (M51a). II. The Spatially Resolved Star Formation Law,
(Kennicutt et al. 2007 ApJ 671, 333, arXiv0804.0922)
Dave Vande Putte
25 Jun
correlation of ultra high energy cosmic rays with AGN:
Auger collaboration (2007) Science 318, 938; Moskaennko et. al (arXiv:0805.1260); George et.al (arXiv:0805.1260); Ghisellini et.al (arXiv:0806.2393); Naga & Matulich (arXiv:0806.3220)
Houri Ziaeepour
16 Jul
Ariel House
The energy output of the Universe from 0.1 micron to 1000 micron
(Driver et al. 2008, ApJL, arXiv:0803.4164)
Roberto Soria
23 Jul
The Luminosity-Diameter Relations for Globular Clusters and Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies
(S. van den Bergh 2008, MNRAS arXiv:0807.2798)
Kinwah Wu
06 Aug
Absorption Properties and Evolution of Active Galactic Nuclei
(Häsinger, 2008, A&A arxiv:0808.0260)
Myrto Symeonidis
20 Aug
Dust and Atomic Gas in Dwarf Irregular Galaxies of the M81 Group: The SINGS and THINGS view
(Walter et al. 2007, ApJ 661, 102; astro-ph/0702378)
Patricia Schady
03 Sep
Living in a Void: Testing the Copernican Principle with Distant Supernovae
(Clifton, Ferreira & Land 2008, arXiv:0807.1443)
Ignacio Ferreras
17 Sep
The Cepheid Galactic Internet
(Learned et al. 2008, arXiv:0809.0339)
Carlos Allende Prieto
01 Oct
Large-Scale Alignments of Quasar Polarization Vectors: Evidence at Cosmological Scales for Very Light Pseudoscalar Particles Mixing with Photons?
(Hutsemekers etal 2008, arXiv:0809.3088; + 2005 A&A 441,915)
Curtis Saxton
15 Oct
Chasing highly obscured QSOs in the COSMOS field
(Fiore et al. 2008, arXiv:0810.0720)
Myrto Symeonidis
29 Oct
A Numerical Testbed for Hypotheses of Extraterrestrial Life and Intelligence
(Forgan 2008, International J. of Astrobiology, arXiv:0810.2222)
Nick Seymour
12 Nov
Oscillation and Future Detection of Failed Supernova Neutrinos from Black Hole Forming Collapse
(Nakazato et al. 2008, Phys Rev D; arXiv:0810.3734)
Missagh Mehdipour
26 Nov
An excess of cosmic ray electrons at energies of 300–800 GeV
(Chang et al. 2008, Nature 456, 362)
Houri Ziaeepour
10 Dec
Gamma-Ray Burst afterglows: theory and observations
(Panaitescu 2008, AIP Conf Proc, arXiv:0812.1038)
Houri Ziaeepour
17 Dec
ν Meet Rm
Nemesis, the Death Star
(Muller 1988)
Dave Vande Putte

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