Astrophysics Journal Club 2007

2007 organiser: Alex Blustin

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Calendar May to December 2007
Date Title Speaker
9 May
Ariel House
(1) A clumping independent diagnostic of stellar mass-loss rates: rapid clump destruction in adiabatic colliding winds (Pittard, astro-ph/0703617v1), and Radio, X-ray, and gamma-ray emission models of the colliding-wind binary WR140 (Pittard and Dougherty, 2006)
(2) Pair production with neutrinos in an intense background magnetic field (Dicus et al., arXiv:0704.1695)
Kinwah Wu
Alex Blustin
23 May
Ariel House
Models of Neutrino Mass and Neutrino Interactions with the Planck Satellite (Friedland, Zurek, Bashinsky; arXiv:0704.3271) Houri Ziaeepour
6 Jun
Ariel House
The core binary fractions of star clusters from realistic simulations (Hurley, Aarseth, Shara; arXiv:0704.0290v1) Curtis Saxton
20 Jun
Ariel House
Search for Tidal Dwarf Galaxy Candidates in a Sample of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies (A. Monreal-Ibrero et al. astro-ph/0706.1145)
Patricia Schady
4 July
(3:30 pm, note time)
AGN dust tori at low and high luminosities (Hoenig and Beckert arXiv:0707.0162v1)
Graziella Branduardi-Raymont
18 July
No journal club

1 Aug
Incompatibility of long-period neutron star precession with creeping neutron vortices (B. Link, astro-ph/0608319)
Silvia Zane
15 Aug
Cosmological Magnetic Field: A Fossil of Density Perturbation in the Early Universe (Ichiki K. et al., 2006, Science, 311, 827)
Kinwah Wu
29 Aug
Retaining black holes with very large recoil velocities (J.D. Schnittman, Astro-ph 0706.1548v1)
Dave Vande Putte
12 Sep
Ariel House
(3 pm, note time)
Ram pressure stripping of disc galaxies orbiting in clusters: I mass and radius of the remaining gas disc (E. Roediger and M. Brueggen, arXiv:0707.2698v1)
Kinwah Wu
26 Sep
Cosmic shear measurements
Houri Ziaeepour
Thursday 11 Oct
(Note change of day)
Bursty stellar populations and obscured AGN in galaxy bulges (Wild et al. arXiv:0706.3113)
Ignacio Ferreras
24 Oct
Formation, Survival, and Destruction of Vortices in Accretion Disks (Yoram Lithwick arXiv:0710.3868)
Curtis Saxton
7 Nov
Our Search for an H-R Diagram of Quasars (Sulentic, J. W. et al. arXiv:0709.2499v1)
Kinwah Wu
21 Nov
Ariel House
Sustainability: A Tedious Path to Galactic Colonization (Y. Dutil and S. Dumas arXiv:0711.1777))
Alex Blustin
6 Dec (Thursday)
Ariel House
The distance to the Orion nebula (K. M. Menten et al., astro-ph 0709.0485v1)
Dave Vande Putte
19 Dec
The observational legacy of preon stars-probing new physics beyond the LHC (F. Sandin, J. Hansson; astro-ph 0701768)
Vladimir Yershov

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